Midwest Whitetail Deer Hunting (The Peak TV Promo)

Honey Creek Outdoors is working on their debut DVD- HCO Fair Chase. Brandon has had a passion for the outdoors since he could walk, but had troubles finding friends who shared that same passion until he turned
14. Luckily 14 was also when he bought a video camera and began filming his hunting adventures, giving fans a chance to watch Brandon and the gang learn and grow from kids into the fine outdoorsmen they have become. Honey Creek Outdoors wants to target and spread the love of hunting-especially the youth. We have grown from a few boys from a small town to a Team of men, women, boys and girls from all across the country.
Since this will be the last deer season to film for Fair Chase, we figured a documentation of the “Peak of the Rut” would be appropriate for the GRAND FINALE of the first of many DVD’s. Along with hunting season’s “Peak”, follow the progression of The HCO 180 Line of Camera Arms, get a chance for us to introduce ourselves, and much more! Who better than Brandon and friends to bring the truth of reality hunting with a 30 day documentary of HCO’s PEAK?

Biggest Whitetail Deer Hunting Killer Shots Ever Self Filmed – HawgNSonsTV

October 9 2009 Lake County Illinois 5:01pm. Wind NW 2mph. 47 degrees. Cloudy light rain on & off , Barometer 29.90 Rising, Waxing Gibbous 68% of the Moon is Illuminated. Bow Hunting Booner Whitetail Bucks. It was a great night in the palace blind. I seen a Monster Whitetail Buck that came within 13 yards at 5:01pm and fed for about 7 minutes then headed off to the South. I rattled antlers to try to bring him in where I could film the shot & about 20 minutes later he came right back down the same path to within 10 yards. Unfortunately he was looking straight into the window that I did get some video out of, so I didn’t want to chance giving away my location. At 6:33pm I seen a 130 inch 8 pointer in the same slew about 55 yards away but It was to dark to get good video by then…….Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com


WATCH Part 2 – The Kill Shot

Official Score’s: Pope & Young 184-1/8 Gross, 166-6/8 Typical

Eastern Coyote Hunting in Upstate New York: Opening Weekend 2009, Day 2

Male dog, about 38.5lbs.
TOD: first light
Date: Oct. 4, 2009
First stand on the second day of season, we set up on this overgrown brushy gut with Jerrod upwind calling across the field down into the thick. Eric and Gaugler set up across the field with a wide view of any dogs popping out and trying to circle down wind. To our surprise, one popped out 30 yards away and began b-lining for the calls. This middle-aged dog took about 10minutes to come in (surprisingly long for the given conditions). He was shot with a Remington .22-250 at roughly 30 yards.