Eastern Turkey Hunting: Opening Week Trio (DownWind Outdoors)

The Downwind Snipers have temporarily switched gears from the cottontail squeals of Crack Predator Calls to the seductive yelps of Woodhaven Custom Calls for the New York State spring turkey season. We had the cameras rolling as always and were lucky enough to shoot three nice Tom during the first week. The DWO team thought they would combine these hunts to share with friends and fans in a new way. While Eric and Andy blasted their birds with their 12-gauge shotguns, Jerrod smoked his turkey to dust with his muzzleloading shotgun. Watch all our free hunting videos at: http://www.downwindoutdoors.com

For more information on the calls used during this hunt, please visit Woodhaven Custom Calls as: http://www.woodhavencustomcalls.com

Hunt 1
Shooter: Eric Lawler
Videographer: Brian Gaugler

Hunt 2
Shooter: Andy DelliVeneri
Videographer: Paul Close

Hunt 3
Shooter: Jerrod Vila
Videographer: Eric Lawler

Turkey Hunting Tips: The Best Turkey Call

From www.GrowingDeer.tv: Hunting mature gobblers takes patience. In this video I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned and share some tips you can put to use.

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