Coyote Hunting: Close Enough (DownWind Outdoors)

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The fall portion of coyote season is not just a great time to take advantage of young, ignorant coyotes, it is also a great time to harvest mature and educated coyotes too. Having not been hunted or pressured for six months, and trying to protect their territory from invading pups, dominant dogs within hearing distance are almost sure to respond to the call of a successful rabbit hunt by investigating the sound on their home turf.

Eric and Pauly took advantage of the fall season benefits and lured in a mature male, striking while the iron was hot. With the start of the New York State archery season on October 1, 2012, small game hunters across the southern zone of the state will be forced to decide if they want to get an early start chasing whitetail or if they’d like to continue pursuing predators when the action is generally abundant. This hunt, ended one of the most action-packed weeks of all time for the DownWind team.

He was a wily ol’ dog to say the least. Not really knowing how long he stood at a distance and analyzed the stand, he was finally spotted on the stone wall behind a bush. Once observed, it was clear that the coyote was not interested in a free meal and didn’t step foot into the open field. He’s heard the bunny blues a time or two before, located only a couple hundred yards behind DWO headquarters. It makes you wonder, how many coyotes are called in and never spotted? Luckily, this one appeared within distance for Pauly Close and it wasn’t an issue to harvest this heavy coyote.

Shooter: Paul Close
Videographer/Caller: Eric Lawler

Species: Eastern Coyote
Weight: 43 Pounds
Sex: Male
Date: 10/7/2011
TOD: 5:20 pm
Temperature: 54°

Call: DWO Signature Series made by Crack – Long range Cottontail Rabbit

Rifle: .243 DWO series
Scope: Simmons Aetec 4.5 – 14 x 44
Bipod: Harris 27″

Camera 1: Sony FX-1000
Camera 2: Canon Vixia HF R20
Camera 3: GoPro Hero HD

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