Coyote double using 204 Ruger Barrhead, Alberta, Canada.

Calling in a coyote double using Primos and Randy Anderson call. Hunting with two of my children and successfully got most of it on camera. Quick 5 minute or so hunt. Some info for folks new to calling. Mostly just a successful fun coyote hunt caught on video. Hopefully you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Im planning to do some more videos here in the next week or so just to explain how I do this and help promote hunting and outdoorsmanship. Looking forward to sharing more videos. Enjoy.

Silvertine, 510″ Woodland Caribou Hunt.mpg

Watch as Silvertine’s client Buddy harvests a Caribou of magnitude proportions, 510″. The Bull was honoured the largest antlered animal ever harvested with a crossbow in 2009, and is the current SCI Crossbow World Record. Live the moment over Buddy’s shoulder as we video the hunt start to finish, you will be unable to not let yourself get caught up in the excitement of this very special moment, one of my favourite hunts.