Coyote Control Specialists Episode#10, 5 Coyotes, Calling Coyotes, Predator Hunting

Back in December Sam, Blake and I went out calling after a night of snow. On the first stand we just turned on the call and 3 coyotes busted out of the area. They were slowly moving away after they reached 1,000+ yards. We changed the call to pup distress and quickly changed their minds. Two of the coyotes were racing to the call, while two more coyotes snuck in on us within range. We waited for the other two while the others sat there looking at us. Once the two coyotes came within 250 yds the other two decided to take off. So Sam took aim and shot the closest one. After that dogs were running and lead was flying. On the Second call spot we had a hard charger coming in that disappeared in the thick sage. He popped back up at 200 yds and somehow managed to get away. Be sure to Hit SUBSCRIBE at the top of our channel if you like our videos. More to come! and check out our facebook page @

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