How to Hunt Pheasant with a Bow

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“Deer Hunting Potential Kansas State Record typical Whitetail Deer with a bow”by @DHBBAdam

“Deer Hunting Potential Kansas State Record typical Whitetail Deer with a bow”
by @DHBBAdam filmed this potential Kansas State Record typical whitetail deer bow hunting in northeast Kansas on November 9, 2011. This special buck is very close to or would have been the all-time #1 typical whitetail taken deer hunting with a bow in Kansas.

AR-15 Lights Up Coyote and the Hunter Becomes the Hunted – Kill of the Week 3

Another predator in this Kill of the Week as Tim takes down some coyotes. The first half of the video has Tim and Clint chasing a coyote with tracers in the snow, and in the second half Tim schlocks a coyote chowing down on its recent take down. Like Tim Wells face book page and help him protect our 2nd amendment rights!!

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hunting trophy antelope in Wyoming DIY….

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