Grizzly Bear Hunt – Stuck N The Rut

“Stuck N The Rut” “Grizzly Bear Hunting” with Rampage Alaska 2012. Most people know us by our DIY hunts, but in the state of alaska, it is required to have an outfitter for grizzly, and we couldn’t have had a better Outfitting company to do business with as Rampage. Anyone with hunting experience will appreciate this video. In this area where Stuck N The Rut was hunting, the inland grizzly population is extremely high and made this a hunt of a life time. We hunt from archery to rifle, but as you can tell, Travis Schneider chose to bring the big gun. Enjoy the video!!! For those who are bear lovers, don’t waste your time on posting negative comments. Obviously, this video isn’t for you.

Utah Pheasant Hunt-Barrel Cam

I was invited to hunt pheasants at Wasatch Wings & Clay in Cedar Fort, Ut by my Uncle Scott who is one of the guides there with his two Drathaar’s “Gracie” and “Bella”. Wasatch Wings & Clay is 30 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, has over 6,000 acres and provides hunters with Pheasant, Chukar, Quail and Huns. Single hunters, families, groups, corporations…it doesn’t matter, they’ll take care of you. Check them out on their website or call them at 801-540-2466. If you’re thinking about purchasing a birddog or if you want to hunt with two incredible birddogs make sure you request to hunt with “Gracie” and “Bella”. You’ll be the only one to brag that you shot more birds than you paid for.

During this hunt I’m using a GoPro mount which I bought from They have mounts for rifles, shotguns, bows and crossbows. They’re very inexpensive and high quality and I love watching the footage when I get home.

Hunting Dall Sheep, Caribou and Moose with Arctic Red River Outfitters #9

Arctic Red River Outfitters is a family run business in the Northern Mackenzie Mountains in the Northwest Territories of Canada. We specialize in high quality backpack hunting for big game in a true wilderness setting. For many years, hunters of all ages have traveled north to hunt for trophy Dall Sheep, Mountain Caribou, and Alaska‐Yukon Moose in our 10,000 square mile, exclusive hunting concession on the Arctic Red, Cranswick, Ram, and Gayna river watersheds. We offer single species, multi species, and full mixed bag hunts of 7‐21 days long, and welcome both rifle and bowhunters. We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about our operation and the experienced, professional crew that will guide you on an exciting mountain backpacking adventure.

Ferriss, Rinella Caribou Hunt (1 of 4)

Tim Ferriss of “4-Hour” Publishing Fame Kicks-off Steven Rinella’s Season Three with an Epic Journey Into the Alaskan Wilderness on January 6 @ 9pm ET/PT!

This season of MeatEater is truly remarkable on many fronts,” said Rinella. “To have Tim on our show is a unique honor. Our trip in Alaska will be a true adventure, and I know it will translate well with our viewers. Season Three of MeatEater offers a lot variety in our hunts, including some eye-opening foods and entertaining guests.”

MeatEater’s third season will include several celebrity guests joining Rinella, including famed “4-Hour” series author Tim Ferriss. Ferriss is notorious for his quick learning techniques and unquenchable thirst for new adventures and the unknown. He is many things: self-taught, creative thinker, seeker of knowledge, successful and master of various languages — but one question remains: can he hunt for big game? Rinella puts him up to the challenge in the premiere episode as they travel to the most remote corner of Alaska to catch the annual migration of the famed Western Arctic caribou herd, all in hope of sharing a celebratory stew of caribou sirloin and root vegetables thickened with bone marrow.

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About Steven Rinella:
Steven Rinella is an avid outdoorsman, writer, and television personality best known for his ability to translate the hunting lifestyle to a wide variety of audiences. He is the author of The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine, the award-winning American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon, and most recently, Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter. You can follow Steven on Twitter @StevenRinella, become a fan of his Facebook page: or visit his website at

BOW HUNTING: Excited For A Doe, Plus Ideas For Trapping Coyotes

From A brief Christmas Greeting then more deer hunting and we trap our first coyote of the season this week! Look and listen for some tips you can use if you want to start trapping and removing predators from your property! (1:02 to 6:00) Adam also heads out to help balance the deer herd’s adult sex ratio as the deer are hitting the late season food plots! You’ll want to see this shot! (6:01 to 10:42)
Once you’ve watched the episode check out the main website at for more great information useful for all deer hunters. If you are on facebook — join the conversation and share photos on Dr. Grant Woods page: or Twitter: @GrowingDeer

Alabama Whitetail Deer Hunt: 8 Point Buck Kill

A video I put together of a buck I killed on December 1, 2012. Please comment on and like this video! Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or by Email! Thanks For watching!

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