Adak Adventures – Caribou Hunt 2012

*Warning – Contains hunting carnage & copious amounts of 80s music.* Combined video and photos from Kraig Hansen, Blake Howe and Wyatt Rivard’s caribou hunt on Adak Island, Alaska in December 2012. We covered many miles on foot and by Argo and were fortunate enough to take several animals. We also did a little exploration of the abandoned naval base which appears to have been ransacked by zombies.

Whitetail deer hunt in Texas

Realtree Global Hunting: Team Wild’s Ian Harford is hunting whitetail deer on a ranch just outside Crystal City, Texas – but it’s more than just a hunt. We’re on a management mission to harvest a particular buck — and we must avoid the temptation to take one of the huge trophy bucks that roam the brush. Patience is key if we are to complete our mission to capture our prize and stick another 60-70lbs of meat in the freezer!

2012 DIY WY Antelope Hunt – 701 Outdoors

In 2012, Shayne and I went on our first antelope hunt. We did a lot research prior to find an area with enough public land, decent terrain, and higher success rates. We put a tough unit to draw as our first choice in order to build preference points, and drew our third choice. This is our second hunting video and it definitely has been a learning experience. We bought an inexpensive tripod for this hunt and that was the wrong decision. Bought a nice one now. I highly recommend this DIY hunt. It is affordable and fun with good success rates.

BOW HUNTING: Hunting Kentucky Whitetails

From Deer hunting in Kentucky with the arrows flying as the boys drop a few more Kentucky tenderloins for the freezer! Plus, we’ve got a “how to” you need for measuring the quality of your food plot!
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