Best Turkey Hunt Of The Year: Busted Beards In Kentucky

From Four (4) Kentucky Long Beards Down with fast and furious turkey hunting action in this episode from hunts over at The Kentucky Proving. Watch as we take down trophy toms with long spurs and long beards! See the first bird drop at 4:00 then watch as the decoys get beat up by three angry and aggressive toms at 7:32. All this turkey hunting action and more in this episode!

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2013 spring turkey hunt

i headed down to Hocking Co in ohio this weekend to a friends house for a spring turkey hunt. saturday we heard birds all around but nothing would come into the decoys. seemed like something was spooking them. we even tried to do a little run and gun without any success. sunday we only put out a single decoy and the first bird we saw all day made a B-line to it and his buddy followed.

Turkey Hunting: Bow Hunting Kansas Rio’s Then Missouri Turkey Opener, 2 Hunts – 3 Birds!

It’s longbeard time! In this video: we have Heath Martin taking two Kansas Rios with his new Prime Impact bow! You’ll get to see how the G5 T3 broadhead works on a pair of gobblers. Then it’s the Missouri Turkey Opener! Adam and I captured some of the most unique and natural turkey action I’ve ever seen. Watch it and get fired up for turkey hunting!

Outfitters Rating TV – S02/E02 – Jack Hume Adventures – Caribou

Bill Miller loves the tundra of northern Quebec. Its sights, smells and sounds … even the feel of the tundra underfoot … keep bringing him back season after season.

He returns again to hunt with Jack Hume Adventures, one of the oldest and most historic outfitting operations in the province. This adventure proves once again caribou hunting is just that … hunting! But a quick relocation of camp put Bill into the migration and in hot pursuit of magnificent bulls … and more lasting memories of the tundra.