Bowhunt or Die – Season 4 Episode 04: Turkey Teamwork

Join us for some more exciting turkey hunting action on this episode of Bowhunt or Die! John Herrmann hunts in snowy Northern Wisconsin while Tim Ainsworth and Troy Spolum team up on Illinois birds. Todd and Justin get out of the office and into a turkey blind in North Carolina for a couple days of fast paced action. As always the best bowhunting videos are right here on Bowhunt or Die!

“North American Pronghorn Antelope” with Ron Spomer

Renowned writer, wildlife photographer, hunter, and naturalist Ron Spomer discusses the North American Pronghorn Antelope, showcasing its unique evolutionary features. As the second fastest land animal on the planet, its inherent ability to outrun predators is key to its survival.

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Produced by Ron Spomer Outdoors, Inc.

Spring Food Plot Strategies For Targeting Big Whitetails

In this episode we take planning food plots to the next level. A food plot that is strategically designed and placed can be a great hunting tool. Join us this week as we explain our strategy and start to implement the plan that we expect to produce a hit list buck! We’ve also got a management tip for those smaller hidey hole (or as some people call them: honey hole) food plots! No matter whether it’s your Grandma’s back 40 acres or you’re in a hunting club with some of your buddies watch this episode then go out and try some of these techniques to improve the deer herd and the hunting at your property. If you like the videos we share here on Youtube visit our main website for more information including a hunting blog and additional videos not published on Youtube. Join the conversation with Dr. Woods and other hunting fanatics on facebook at
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Food Plot Tips And Turkey Hunting: One Last Strutter For A Big Finish!

Watch this episode as Adam and Brian bring home a true limb hanger after a great morning in the turkey woods! Spring doesn’t mean just turkey hunting – it also means time to get those food plots in the ground. Grant shares key tips on how you can really help the soil and get the most out of your food plots. Find out how you can make great food plots using the same techniques as the production ag guys!

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The hunt begins at the 4:00 mark. Adam starts calling at 4:25 and the tom gobbles back and heads their way. The tom starts strutting at 4:48. Adam and Brian watch him for over 30 minutes but he is out of range for Adam’s 20 gauge. He finally closes the distance and Adam punches his tag at 6:26 mark.

Turkey Hunting Challenges: Teasing In A Big Tom

From There’s nothing more satisfying to a turkey hunter than the challenge of calling in a big mature tom. Watch this episode for an exciting and playful hunt as Adam and I tease in a big gobbler! We hear some gobblers calling from the roost then position ourselves to call them in. Unexpected challenges arise when 2 deer enter the scene and catch our scent. We just knew we were going to be busted. Watch to find out how the gobblers react! Stay tuned for tips on how to have a great spring clover food plot!

See the turkey drop at 5:15. The hunt winds up and the food plot tips starts at 7:33.

Funny Turkey Hunt – Turkey Hunting In Nebraska – Turkey Hunting Bloopers

A-1 Archery Hunt”N (365) No Off Season’s John Landrith takes his 8 year old grandson, Easton Curtis, to Nebraska for a Merriam’s turkey hunt with Marlyn Wiebelhaus out of Wynot, Nebraska. This is an awesome hunt as they each take a Tom and they have other chances to score on this 1-1/2 day trip to the promised land. Easton takes his Tom with a cross bow and John gets his Tom and the decoy with a bow! This is a great time and a hunt that will never be forgotten! Congratulations to you both! For more archery information, visit

Duck Hunting Late Season In Missouri

Duck hunting late season birds can be a challenge. Ducks have been pursued for six months and have seen/heard it all, but all hope is not lost. Put in time scouting, take extra time getting concealed, and mix up your decoys and calling and you could be in for a great hunt.

This week we’re with C&L Outdoors for a awesome late season duck hunt on a small farm pond in southwest Missouri. There were hundreds if not thousands of birds on this pond the day we scouted it. We utilized around a dozen decoys and called sparingly to end up with a great bag of mallards.

Turkey Hunting: Bow/Gun Tag Team Nebraska Turkey Hunt Plus A Frosty Gobbler In Missouri

From Watch this week as the Pro-Staff husband/wife team of Heath and Lindsey tag team a do-it-yourself Nebraska public land turkey hunt to get two birds down. Heath puts his new Prime Impact Bow to the test and drops a very nice bird! Then on the next morning’s set-up Lindsey takes aim and gets her first gobbler ever! Next we move back to Missouri where Adam plays hooky and sneaks off to his family farm. He and his brother put the boom on a frosty gobbler. The turkey comes in close but only has eyes for the decoy. Watch as this big boy struts his stuff for the hen decoy! Stay tuned for what might be the ultimate tip for planting spring food plots!

See the first bird drop to the Prime Impact Bow at 2:56 just minutes after the set-up on the fist afternoon. Then see Lindsey take her first gobbler ever with a shotgun at 5:04.The food plot tip starts at 6:22. The Keith brothers’ Missouri hunt starts at the 8:26 mark with the bird dropping at 10:30.