Bucks In Velvet: Getting To Know The Big Bucks

From www.GrowingDeer.tv: It’s mid-July and the excitement level for deer hunters across America is building as the velvet antlers continue to fill out! Watch this episode as we scout whitetail bucks for the growth on summer velvet antlers, food plot tips,hunting strategies, doe harvest and more! Check it out today! Please join Dr. Grant Woods and other hunters on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grant-Woods/260242857400?ref=hl

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Bowhunt or Die – Season 4 Episode 08: Plotting the Kill

Join us as our team continues preparations for the fall hunting season. In this episode we can get an update from Jeff Kaye & Craig Roffers on how their food plots are doing, some helpful tips from Trevor Olson on small plotting, and we’ll also check in with Clinton Fawcett to see how he’s manipulating his hunting properties to bring bucks in close. As always the best bowhunting action is right here on Bowhunt or Die!

Hit List Bucks To Burns: Tips For Prescribed Fire

From www.GrowingDeer.tv: A buck we estimate to be 7 years old has shown up on our Reconyx trail cameras. He will be number one on our hit list this year! In this episode we begin planning a strategy to hunt him this fall then move on to a basic introduction of how to implement a prescribed fire that will benefit wildlife. Caution:Fire can be very dangerous! This brief introduction to how we do a prescribed fire is not a license for viewers to conduct a fire on their property. Visit your local DNR agency for more specific training. Fire used properly is a wildlife enhancement tool that doesn’t damage those areas and provides lush food for deer and other wildlife. All this plus a tip on how to get a dry pond to hold water. Hunting Strategy ends at 2:28. Tips for Prescribed Fire start at 2:29 and ends at 7:45. Pond tips begins at 7:45

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BOW HUNTING SPEED GOATS! Prong Horned Antelope

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Paul Korn of A-1 Archery & Tombstone Creek Outfitting http://www.tombstonecreekoutfitting.com/ presents: Bob Koehnen hunting Pronghorn Antelope in MT with Bow and arrow. In this video Dan Ellyson films Bob from a ground blind as he takes his first Antelope and with archery equipment to boot. Way to go Bob, NICE SHOT!

A Girl’s First Caribou | Canadian Caribou Hunt

Team High Road films a Caribou Hunt in Canada that is a first for one lucky lady.


Whether it’s hunting whitetails in his home state of Texas or challenging the caribou roaming the tundra above the Arctic Circle, Keith Warren captures the true essence of why hunters hunt. He is quick to point out that it’s not how big of animal we shoot on the show that makes a difference, it’s how we portray the entire experience that sets us apart from other programs. “Hunting is something that is in our DNA and it’s the ultimate connection to nature,” says Keith.

Keith Warren is an icon in the outdoor television industry and a devoted conservationist. He has been producing and hosting television shows specifically geared to outdoorsmen for thirty years and has appeared on networks such as Outdoor Channel, VERSUS, ESPN, ESPN II, Sportsman’s Channel and Pursuit Channel.

Challenge of the Hunt-Mike’s Mini Gun Antelope Mission

Intrepid Outdoors’ “Challenge of the Hunt” series concludes this week with a big bang this week as Exectuive Produver Mike Schmid took to the plains of Wyoming for a fall Antelope Hunt. Mike is armed with a Big Horn Armory Model 89 liver-action rifle in .500 S&W Magnum, a gun that will surprise even the most experienced hunter.

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Coyote Hunting Head Shot

This week we demonstrate how effective it can be to Coyote hunt during the late spring and summer months. There’s never a bad time of year to shoot Coyotes as we do everything we can to help our Whitetail deer herd survive. Team member Jake Vancil and Field Staff member Chance Karhliker also give a couple pointers on which calls to use and show their tactics afield. Don’t miss the awesome head shot!

Midwest Addiction Coyote Hunting #4 Southern Iowa

Midwest Addiction coyote hunting. Webisode #2 from 2012-2013 predator hunting season. This coyote was taken in late December 2012. We were running out of daylight so we quickly set up along this fence row and started calling with some rabbit distress. It was only about 3 minutes when we had this coyote charging right at us. He saw us sitting and stared. But Matt had already had his crosshairs on the coyote so the coyote had no where to go. There isn’t a lot of video but it still made for a cool hunt.
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Bowhunt or Die – Season 4 Episode 07: Bring in the Bucks

In this episode we’ll join Dan Richardson for some bowfishing action and an update on some of the great Indiana bucks he’ll be chasing this fall. We’ll also check in with Jeff Kaye and Craig Roffers as they plant some food plots in Wisconsin and get an update from Neal McCullough as he sets out a mineral station and a few Stealth Cams in Minnesota. As always the best bowhunting video action is right here on Bowhunt or Die.