theHunter ProGear Turkey Hunt.

This video is all about Turkey hunt from ground blind.

– I get a total of 23 Turkeys, all are shot with bow (Compound Bow “Parker Python”)
Ground blinds are very good for such hunting, and I use it often.

Drop me some comments, perhaps some suggestions for other hunting movies.

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Music composed and performed by Monaco Steve.


Spectacular Deer Hunting footage of multiple Bowhunting Coyote / Brush Wolf / Prairie Wolf Kill Shots with Lighted Nocks, from one awesome tree stand … Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com

The Original Videos Here:
October 18 2011

October 21 2011

October 26 2011

October 8 2013

Music by:
Tristan Tyrcha
the song is: “Path Of Zimmer”

Kevin MacLeod
the song is: “Impact Moderato”
Creative Commons licensed

Public Land Hunting When a Plan Comes Together Bow Hunting Whitetail Deer

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This was an Awesome hunt we had Several Deer Within Bow Range and we waited for The right Deer and ” The Old Man” Put a Great Shot on Her. If you want to shoot more deer you want to get your boots on and start putting some miles on them looking for New Spots to hunt. watch our video on Dnr Managed Lands.

Hunting Whitetails In The Rut: Patience and Endurance

From www. It’s the rut and bucks are chasing does everywhere! In this episode 15 year old Raleigh has an encounter with a shooter buck that needed to take just one more step! (1:00 to 2:19) Then Adam and Heath both go to Northern Missouri during prime time of the rut and it’s well worth the trip! See Adam’s hunt as he makes shoot/don’t shoot decisions on several bucks (2:24 to 5:48). Heath self-filmed his hunts and is rewarded with lots of buck activity. A shooter buck comes into bow range on the final day of the hunt. Watch this video and see the great job Heath does at self filming and tagging a nice buck! (6:05 to 12:21). Kill shot is at 11:08.

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Andy Richter’s Paper Turkey Hunt

CONAN Highlight: It’s a two-dimensional adventure that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. More CONAN @

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Bowhunting Whitetails

Self filmed bow hunting highlights from NW Michigan during the whitetail deer rut. My new personal best buck!

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WY SPEED GOAT Bow hunt Antelope

Paul Korn A-1 Archery & Tombstone Creek Outfitting PRESENTS: Todd Hess taking a beautiful Prong horned Antelope in Wyoming with his Bear Compound bow out of a ground blind at a water hole on the WY plains. Bow hunting Prong horned Antelope from a ground blind is a great way to hunt speed goats!

Deer Hunting – Bowhunting Giant Illinois Whitetail 8 Point Buck

The first two weeks of Novmeber is always a magical time for most hunters, and for good reason. Bucks are chasing the ladies without a care in the world. The morning of the 11th Chance and I were sitting in the stand still on cloud nine from the 150″ 8 point that Chance had killed the week before. It was a pretty slow morning and I was starting to regret deer hunting that morning when I knew in the back of my mind we should have went duck hunting!
I was about ready to give up and go get some breakfast when Chance convinced me to stay another 30 minutes until 10 am. Sure enough I heard crashing through the brush behind me but because of the think understory I could not tell what it was. About that time Chance whispered “buck comin’, big buck comin’!!”. That is when I started to really get nervous and was fumbling to get my rangefinder out just in case. As luck would have it a doe lead that buck right to our stand at 12 yards so I gave up trying to get the rangefinder out of my pocket and let the T3 eat at 12 yards and the rest was history!
This was an incredible experience to share with a good friend who thankfully made me stay that extra 30 minutes or this would not have been possible! Both bucks Chance and I harvested were on none of our trail cameras that year before they met their demise, thats why you have to love sweet November! You never know what is going to happen!

Bow Hunting The Rut! Tagging A BIG Indiana Buck!

Nothing will get your heart thumping more than watching a monster rack emerge from the corn! Watch a great success story unfold (6:43) as hard work and a great location pays off big! Plus, Grant has bucks all around him during the Kentucky gun opener. Shoot or don’t shoot? Grant has seconds to decide. Come on and watch! (1:35 to 5:41) The rut is on and the woods are alive!

Once you’ve watched the episode check out the main website at for more great information useful for all deer hunters. If you are on facebook — join the conversation and share photos on Dr. Grant Woods page: