Duck Hunting 101: What you need to know!

This is a step by step, action packed tutorial, that will carefully show and explain all the products that we use and how we use them. I pay special attention to the Black Bellied Whistling Duck, as well as the Mallards and other puddle ducks across the US. I don’t proclaim to be the worlds greatest duck hunter, I just love to duck hunt and am showing you all the gear that I use, how I use it and why I use it. Below is a list of the product I was using and a link to their webpage.
Escort Shotguns:
Kent Fasteel:
Green head decoys:
tradition calls:
Plano camera case:

Preparing For Future Deer Seasons: Trapping Special

From Trapping predators benefits prey populations and rewards the trapper! In this episode we show you how to get your raccoon pelts ready for the tannery. Prepared pelts are great gifts or can put some extra cash in your wallet at the fur market! With the season just finished, we are already turning to activities that will help target deer for next season. (start 7:35) Join us as Adam and AJ walk a new hunting property in search of clues to use for hunts next season. The deer sign is still fresh so it’s a great time to plan where to put food plots and locate stands!

Once you’ve watched the episode check out the main website at for more great information useful for all deer hunters. If you are on facebook — join the conversation and share photos on Dr. Grant Woods page:

Bowhunt or Die – Season 4 Episode 26: The Final Approach

Hunting season may be winding down but we’ve still got some great bowhunting action for you! Join Alex Hiestand on a last minute hunt in Ohio as he decoys in a great buck. You’ll also join Dustin DeCroo on a backyard bow hunt in Wyoming and check in with Clinton Fawcett for some late season food plot action. As always the best bowhunting videos are right here on Bowhunt or Die!

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Coyote Hunting, Calebs First Coyote Hunt

My son wanted to try and hunt coyotes so I bought him a call and decoy. The land owner has a huge problem with them killing her chickens. I sat with him on the ground at fence line and we were getting eaten up my mosquitoes so I went to the blind and he climbed on a bale of hay. Ten minutes later he gets his first coyote. It was about 175 yard shot and he was using the rifle for the first time. It was a Remington 700, .223 Enjoy!