Pennsylvania Deer with a Crossbow

Keith is hunting for Whitetail Deer in Pennsylvania with his Crossbow.

Keith Warren is an icon in the outdoor television industry and a devoted conservationist. He has been producing and hosting television shows specifically geared to outdoorsmen for thirty years and has appeared on networks such as Outdoor Channel, VERSUS, ESPN, ESPN II, Sportsman’s Channel and Pursuit Channel.


Stuck N The Rut presents archery caribou. Travis and Tom Schneider make their way to a DIY archery caribou hunt in Alaska. For those who don’t know about Stuck N The Rut, this is what we are all about. This is a family owned business, we work about eight months out of the year, and hunt four months. We are all about the hunting adventures. Our main objective is to find ways to hunt without using outfitters. This takes lots of research on where you are allowed to hunt without paying guide fees, as well as studying maps and hunting regulation. Hard work pays off. This bowhunting Stuck N The Rut adventure takes place on a drive to the Arctic Circle. We hit the migration herds of caribou at the right time of the year. Episode 4 brings the Caribou hunt for Tom Schneider. Enjoy the video.

Pork Choppers Aviation – San Diego/Little Rock Group’s Helicopter Hog Hunt or
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This is undoubtedly the best helicopter hog shooting video on the Internet. This group of 5 took 146 hogs and 11 coyotes. This video features Black Rain Ordnance Fallout-15’s, HK 762 (fires .308) and 556’s, AR variants firing .300 blackout and 7.62×39, DDLES dedicated full auto 9mm, HK mp5 firing 9mm and more with a mix of suppressors and unsuppressed fire! You’ll also see optics ranging from several aimpoints, EOtechs, Trijicon ACOG and SRS, elcan specter, and more! See you guys at the same time next year! Had a blast! Enjoy the barrage of gunfire! Come see us for the ultimate in helicopter hog hunting!

Footage is subject to copyright laws and not to be used without direct permission from Eric Lewis and/or Pork Choppers Aviation

Turkey Hunting In The Pines

From After a brief Easter Greeting (:55 to 1:16 mark), Dr. Woods travels to Alabama for a turkey hunt then shares the secret of how to turn a mature pine stand into a wildlife hot spot! (see 1:30 to 6:32 mark) Stay tuned to the end for a special hunt as 6 year old Maddox Gandee takes his first bird. It’s a magical moment between father and son! (see 6:33 to 10:34 mark)

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The Hunter Turkey Hunting 2014 with ronMctube

hi its me ronMctube bringing you a new video on theHunter. today we are hunting turkey on whitehart with python bow and .357 pistol.during this video i show some extreme range bow shots one is one of the longest recorded with a python of a claimed animal.

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