Bowhunt or Die Season 05 Episode 04- First Time Turkeys

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In this episode the rookie prostaffers take home some great turkeys. Justin Zarr & Paul Morrison each take their first bird with a bow, and we also meet new staff member Brandon Phipps out in Kentucky. As always, the best bowhunting video action is right

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Sweet Turkey Hunting Teamwork: Make It Happen, Baby!

From The turkey hunting is intense in this episode with the Pro Staff team of Heath and Lindsey Martin tagging 3 birds — a successful hunt in Kansas followed by another great double on opening morning in Arkansas! After the excitement of the hunt, we’ve got tips for planting spring food plots – spacing of the rows on the no-till drill, soil temperature, etc. Stay tuned and see how to reduce the browse pressure from deer and groundhogs, keeping the food plots growing strong.

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2013 Hunting Whitetail Deer Part 1

Welcome to all the nature enthusiasts. This is Part 1 of our 2013 Whitetail Deer Hunting Season.
It was supposed to start off with us doing a few days of Mule Deer Hunting but unfortunately Marc’s F250 4×4 blew a brake line late afternoon on the start of Rememberence Holiday Long Weekend so there was little to no help to be found.
We phoned shop after shop and they were all booked for a week or so and being so far from home (few hundred kms and a BC Ferry ride across the Ocean Strait) we did not have flaring kits and tools to start to fix his blown brake line(s).
Lucky for us I told him how good Canadian Tire treated me late one night up in Kewlona…they even stayed after hours to get me back on the road…so long story short Marc called Canuck Tire and they were booked too but they said if we come down and sit and wait they will fit us in some how and they did.
Once the truck was fixed ($800something) we didn’t have time to go for Mule Deer so we head straight for Buck Camp and Whitetail Hunting.
I found some new trails this year that I had walked all around within a couple kms and never found over the past 15 years going here. Some really kule and awesome trails! In fact, one of the trails I named “Killer Spot”. it looked good and so I put up trail cameras and it paid off big time. Like much of the activity it was at night but there were deer moving and some Bucks during the daylight hours.
I had some good opportunities and we all let some nice Bucks walk this trip. I had a great trip and always look forward to seeing everyone and seeing what we can see up there…its a pretty kule place!
Hope you all are having some great adventures and experience some awesome memory making excursions.
In between our adventures we can live vicariously thru each other with these videos many of us share on here.
All the best to you and hope the future is great to you.
Enjoy this Part 1 of our BC Whitetail 2013 Adventure.

Easily Field Dress A Wild Turkey! How To Quickly Remove The Breast Meat

From A short video clip on how to quickly and easily remove the breast meat from a wild turkey.(starts :24 mark) This is an easy method that removes the meat without a mess or getting feathers all over the meat. At the end, Dr. Woods shares another tip for scouting for your next turkey hunt.
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Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Review and Turkey Hunt- Spring 2014

Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Review and Turkey Hunt-Spring 2014- Watch as AirGun Man, Glenn Elliott, the host of “Pellet Gun Turkey Hunting Television” gets the new Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 air rifle in .22 caliber from Jason Douglas of Crosman, sights it in, and then takes it on 2 successful Spring 2014 Northern California Turkey Hunts including the harvest of a record size Gobbler with a giant 12″inch beard at an up close 3 steps from the blind.

TURKEY HUNTING, Red Hot Action! 4 Birds Killed!

From The turkey hunting action heats up in this video with four more Long Beard XR loads hitting their mark! It’s an absolutely legendary day for Adam, AJ, and Chad as their morning quickly went from bust to boom! Three turkeys in one hunt! Then, Grant’s father, Glen Woods, keeps his streak going with a beautiful Missouri Gobbler. Join the fun by watching now!
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2014 Michigan Turkey Hunt – Double Beard Gobbler HD

May 2014, First time running 2 cameras and we pulled it off. Better to be lucky than good. Second to the last day of our turkey season. Jake’s first turkey harvest and Brad’s first time calling a long beard in on film. Action packed hunt, with some exciting footage of both the gobbler and the chaos that takes place behind the scenes to pull this off. Hope you enjoy this hunt as much as we did.