Bringing Down a Giant Boar

With a single shot, Jett Webb was able to bring down a giant wild boar wreaking havoc in Eastern North Carolina. | For more, visit

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Stalking Bucks and Hunting Scrapes

From Deer are right in front of us during these bow hunts, but we also catch a rare moment on video: a bobcat stalking a young buck. (begins at 2:36) Plus: Not every scrape should be hunted. Watch to find out why! (begins 6:12)
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Midwest Whitetail 10-27-14

The rut is just around the corner and the action is starting to heat up! We’ll join Caleb and Taylor Byers as they hunt for a buck called “Bingo” that has showed up in daylight 6 days in a row! We also have updates from Jared Mills and the public ground crew as they too are getting some daylight photos of mature bucks.

Crawford NE Antelope – 2014 Outdoorsmen Adventures

Host Gary Howey and cameraman Joe Bruder will head out to western Nebraska to hunt Pronghorn antelope near Crawford. The area holds excellent numbers of antelope, which had banded together in huge herds after an early snowstorm, covered the area with heavy wet snowfall.
As anyone who has hunted Pronghorns knows, antelope are cautious critters, using their excellent eyesight, hearing and speed to elude danger.
The severe weather change, made the critters extra cautious as they were forced back into their winter herds and with the huge herds, there are numerous sets of eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of danger.
With thousands of acres of public hunting land, its beautiful scenery, huge numbers of antelope and friendly people make this area an excellent place to hunt the pronghorn.

Archery Whitetail Deer Hunting 2014

Deer Hunting 2014. Hunter Ruby films his girlfriend Devon bow hunt for whitetail deer in Armstrong County Pa. A good sized doe comes within range and Devon takes a shot at the deer with her bow. The doe only runs out of sight and drops. The two recover the deer and celebrate and give thanks. Devon was using a Bowtech Instigator with Dirt Nap Gear DRT broadheads.

Turkey Hunt Barbecue by the BBQ Pit Boys

Warning: Rated VGFP Not recommended for Vegematics and Food Police. Fresh grilled Wild Turkey is on the menu at the Pit. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys hunt, prepare and cook turkey on the grill. And it’s real easy to do as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. You can print out this recipe on our Website –
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