Pheasant Hunting Holiday

Hunting pheasants on public land in southern Wisconsin on Thanksgiving day. It was cold but the snow was welcome in the field as the roosters left their path in it. Later season forces the birds into ditch lines and fence rows (what’s left of them that is).

In Wisconsin the daily limit is 2 birds and I couldn’t convince anyone else to get out before the turkey meal that morning. It was just me and the Vizsla again. This being only his second full hunting season he’s progressing nicely and he had his first retrieve out of a creek. Ok, I get it, it was about a 5 foot retrieve, but that is progress! The double rooster flush and shot surely means there was no shot in my loads, that was just plain awful.

Seeing 5 birds and shooting a limit is pretty good around here since this isn’t SD and there are not the number of birds that other states have but the WIDNR has been doing a great job of creating habitat and stocking birds in certain areas. I live in N. IL where there virtually isn’t anywhere or anything to hunt on public land.

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Pheasant Hunting Montana

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