Intense Cut and Run Turkey Hunting Action! 2 Birds Down

Turkey hunting with the team with two intense turkey hunts: one hunt was 15 years in the making! Watch as the team of Heath and Lindsey Martin chase gobblers in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Then stay tuned to see what the team is doing right now for better spring food plots. (food plot segment begins at 7:44 mark)

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Moose hunting. Охота на лося. осень.

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Turkey Hunting: Changing Strategies Pays Off, 3 Birds Down

The turkey hunting teams had to be flexible and change strategies to make these turkey hunts pay off! Watch Raleigh’s turkey hunt where she had to make quick decisions and be fast on the trigger! In Adam’s turkey hunt he works hard to get in front of a big gobbler ultimately putting the Winchester Longbeard XR’s to the test. But first, check out the turkey hunt by Pete, winner of the Redneck hunt giveaway, as he’s got birds in front of him all day, but it’s not until they try something different with the Montana Decoy that the gobbler he wants comes into range!
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Turkey Hunting: Awesome Hunt Before Work!

Turkey Hunting the opening week of the Ohio spring turkey season after this big tom with a 13 inch beard! This henned up gobbler was tough to crack until we ticked off the boss hen, then the action was crazy! Glad we had the GoPro’s with us!

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ON VA CHASSER L’CARIBOU !!! – Ep.4 – Big Game Hunter avec Bob Lennon

Venez traquer le Caribou avec le Lennon dans les forêts américaine ! Bière, accent du texas, gros fusil et pseudo-respect de la nature… Tout est présent pour vous faire ressentir le plaisir de tirer sur des ballons à une fête foraine !! BOOM HEADSHOT !!!

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