Bowhunt or Die Season 06 Episode 06: Black Bear Down

The bowhunting action continues this week with Dustin DeCroo as he ventures North of the border to harvest a great spring black bear. We also share some highlights from the 7th annual bow shoot and take a behind the scenes look at the Pro Shop with Justin Zarr as he shows you some of the gear you need to get starting working on your bow.

As always the best bowhunting action is right on Bowhunt or Die!

IR Patrol M300w Hog Hunting

The IR Patrol is packed full of features exclusive to the commercial thermal market including Quick Command Control, edge detect, and a fully ruggedized thumb stick controller. The IR Patrol is also the most affordable 640 resolution thermal monocular ever to hit the commercial, LE, and military market. The IR Patrol combines the latest technology 12 micron BAE thermal core with miniaturized electronics to create a user friendly rugged waterproof package taking LE and night hunters to the next level of thermal imagery..

Food Plots: The Best Bean For Bow Hunters

Bow hunters check out this video for a new soybean that is great for smaller food plots. The team has seen great results with it already! There’s action in the food plots with lots of fawns and turkey poults showing up! Plus, check out a technique to control invasive species like multiflora rose around food plots.

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Tuttunnaiq Caribou Hunt

“Tuttunnaiq” is a video about caribou hunting featuring the elders and community members of Selawik, an Iñupiaq Eskimo community in Northwest Alaska.

In this video, experienced hunters share their knowledge and beliefs about the proper way to hunt caribou. This includes safety, hunter ethics and stories about how caribou hunting around Selawik has changed over the years.

Originally intended as an introduction for local youth into how caribou should be hunted and butchered, Tuttunnaiq gives anyone a peek inside the rich way of life of these northern indigenous people.

This video was produced by USFWS Selawik National Wildlife Refuge, NANA Regional Elders’ Council, and Aqqaluk Trust.

Bowhunt or Die Season 06 Episode 05: Your Bird is Cooked

This week we visit the DeCroo family in Wyoming for a great grilled wild turkey recipe along with a fun-filled turkey hunt. After that we check in with Dan Richardson as he sets up his new Mathews HTR and wastes no time putting it to work on a nice Indiana turkey.  We’ll also meet new staff member Tim Conley who gives us a food plot update and check in with Todd as he is forced to pull stands on one of his hunting properties.

As always, the best bowhunting video action is right here on Bowhunt or Die!

How to Get Ready For Deer Hunting Now

Get ready for deer hunting now with the team from Bow hunters watch this video to see a practice method to be on target when deer hunting this fall. (0:29 to 4:51) Plus, learn a better way to estimate a buck’s age (4:52 to 7:15) as well as a tip for a deer hunting hot spot this fall (7:16 – 9:33).

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