Antelope Hunt – Complete (some explicit language)

Matt and Troy from Team Latin Name head to the western edge of northern Nevada for their first pronghorn antelope hunt. They had only limited scouting opportunities before the season began, so they had a great opportunity to explore new terrain and learn what it takes to track and take down the fastest land animal in the western hemisphere.

The shot is taken roughly 10 minutes in, and be advised that there is a headless animal carcass displayed for training purposes.

Please excuse some of the language. These “gentlemen” spent time in the infantry and are unwashed savages in moments of joviality.

Coyote Hunting Triple on 1 Stand–MFK Season IV Episode I

Welcome to season 4 of MFK’s video series. Episode one has some up close coyote hunting action with coyotes running right in our lap. The combination of MFK Game Calls and ICOtec electronic game calls was more than they could resist! Visit us on our website for the sounds you hear being used, that are available for download to your ICOtec caller. You can find our sound library plus all our diaphragm predator calls and much more at

Deer Hunting: Focusing On The Kill Zone

Deer hunters, turkey hunters, and fans of this is the 300th video! With deer season just around the corner it’s time to focus on the kill zone! We’ve got pre-season practice for bow hunters (1:15 – 2:23) , shoot or don’t shoot injured bucks (2:24 – 2:48), aging a mystery buck (2:50 – 4:14) , treestand safety (4:15 – 5:49), and more in this video!
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