Coyote Hunting Triple on 1 Stand–MFK Season IV Episode I

Welcome to season 4 of MFK’s video series. Episode one has some up close coyote hunting action with coyotes running right in our lap. The combination of MFK Game Calls and ICOtec electronic game calls was more than they could resist! Visit us on our website for the sounds you hear being used, that are available for download to your ICOtec caller. You can find our sound library plus all our diaphragm predator calls and much more at

Caribou Hunt Highlights 2015

This is a video about our annual quest to fill our freezer with good wholesome natural organic meat to feed our family through another year. This ended up being a very quick hunt and so I didn’t have time to do the amount of videoing I was hoping for. As a result of that, I ended up adding a couple video clips from last years hunt as well in order to give a little better “rounding” out of the video. The added scenes are put in as a representation of how me and my hunting buddy do our annual hunt each year

Intro song: *”Tucson”* found in YouTube Audio Library

Caribou Hunting with Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures

For many of us, hunting and fishing trips are a serious commitment of both time and money. Good trophy-producing areas are becoming increasingly difficult to find. The only way to ensure the best areas and operators is to spend a lot of effort, time and money researching new destinations. Cabela’s does this research free for you. By booking your trip through Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures, you will assure yourself of being in a good location with a reputable operator, a courtesy from your Legendary Outfitters®.