This 2012 video was created and published in response to ridiculous and outrageous statements made to me by one of the top Hamilton Conservation Authority’s officials. I had asked for a meeting to let him know that a large part of our local population in Dundas strongly opposed the annual deer hunt conducted by the natives in our conservation area.

For more information on this topic, please check my four related articles posted in the My Dundas Valley blog. The first, “Introduction” is here: . Links to the remaining three are at the bottom of the “Introduction”.

Please call or write the Hamilton Conservation Authority and demand that the annual deer hunt in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area be permanently discontinued.

Hamilton Conservation Authority
838 Mineral Springs Rd, Dundas, ON, L9H-5E3
Tel: (905) 525-2181

Thank you for watching and helping.

Bow Hunting Deer + RARE Black Pennsylvania Mountain Lion! – 2015

Deer Hunting Archery. Follow Charles as he came up from florida to hunt whitetail deer along with cameraman John Royer in Clarion county Pennsylvania. Its not long until a big doe comes into the foodplot and Charles make a great shot with his Elite Archery Hunter bow and Rage Hypodermic broadheads. The doe runs and crashes hard just out of sight from the guys. This was Charles first ever bow kill! Congrats! Just kidding about the black mountain lion!

BEST Self-Filmed Illinois Deer Hunt Ever – Hunting Rutting Whitetail Bucks

Spectacular Whitetail Deer BowHunting footage from Trophy Managed Meticulously Manicured Habitat in the Heart Of The Sanctuary. Animals captured in this video: Wood Ducks swimming, Chipmunk climbing, Coyote eating Crab Apples and Pre Rut Whitetail bucks chasing does, making rubs and scrapes. Northern Illinois cooler temperatures have the bucks on their feet. The BEST Self-Filmed Illinois Deer Hunt Ever – Hunting Rutting Whitetail Bucks … Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com

October 29 2015 Lake County Illinois Wind W- NW variable 10 – 20mph. 45 degrees. Cloudy. Barometer 29.42. Waning Gibbous 95% of the Moon is Illuminated. Sunrise is @ 7:20am / set: 5:48pm.

The Music is by:
Kevin MacLeod,
the song is: “Impact Moderato”
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3


Tristan Tyrcha,
the song is: “Path Of Zimmer”