EPISODE 29: Learn to call coyotes from coyote calling Master, Clay Owens

In this podcast you will hear Marc Warnke pick the brain of one of the top ten Coyote hunters in the US, Clay Owens.

Clay has been a Top Ten finisher in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP COYOTE CALLING CONTEST® (WCCCC) the last two years running. He has hunted coyotes all over the US.

Marc and Clay talk in detail about coyote calling techniques in different areas of the US, how to call them, how to set up, and the advantages of using FoxPro electric calls vs. mouth calls.

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Platte PVA Hunt Outdoorsmen Adventures

Team Member Scott Ulrich and O/A Host Gary Howey will be behind the cameras on as they film the Platte, S.D. Paralyzed Veterans of America pheasant hunt. The Platte American Legion, and several other groups will join together to put on their annual P.V.A. hunt where local groups, land owners and the community come together to give P.V.A. members the opportunity to enjoy a South Dakota pheasant