S3EP8 Hunting Montana Elk

Jim Joy dives back into the Team Legend archives for a thrilling Montana Elk hunt. Join Joy and his two camera men; Donnie Kirby and Darren Daymude as he hunts down some elk.

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Shotgun Deer Hunting – November 16th, 2016

This is a video of my Deer Hunt on November 16th, 2016. I went out early in the morning, and tried my luck. Well, I for sure got a little bit more than I expected.

So, let me give you all the story background. I am hunting ground level, and the first buck came out at 3:56pm. While seated, I got bit on the head by a huge mosquito.

The deer walked in, and I did not hear him. While attempting to scratch my head, the buck stops. I am frozen with my hand in the air (like I’m about to scratch my head)…lol

The buck turned his head, I put my ear protection on; and got my shotgun up to shooting level. After getting my shotgun up, I was fumbling with the safety…lol

The shot was taken, and I knocked over my 4K Camcorder. After setting my camera up, the second deer came in about 3 minutes later. Watch the entire video, I think you will like…

I am using Estate 12 Gauge 2 3/4 9 Pellet Double Ought Buckshot. Muzzle Velocity 1325 FPS…

South Carolina Law For Hunting

Game Zone 4 – Private Lands (My Hunting Zone)

No limit on antlered bucks.
Limit 1 antlerless deer per day on either-sex days or with individual antlerless deer tags.

Archery Only: August 15-31
Buck only.

Gun Hunts: September 1 – January 1
Buck only, except on either-sex days or with individual antlerless deer tags beginning September 15. 1 antlerless deer per day.

Either-Sex Days: October 1, 8, 15; November 12, 19, 26; December 31; January 1

Sunday hunting allowed on private lands.
Archery and crossbows allowed during all seasons.
Crossbows are considered archery equipment.
Limit of 1 antlerless deer per day with antlerless tags or on posted either sex days.

Limits listed include deer taken on private and WMA lands.
Only 1 individual antlerless deer tag may be used in Game Zone 1. Tags are valid in Game Zones 3-4 beginning Sept. 15 and in Game Zones 1 and 2 beginning Oct. 1. Individual tags are not valid on properties enrolled in the Antlerless Deer Quota Program. Individual tags do not alter the daily (1 per day) or seasonal limit or change the type of weapon that can be used during special weapons seasons. Tags must be attached to the deer and validated as specified on the tag form.

In Game Zones 1 and 2 it is unlawful to pursue deer with dogs.
Baiting or hunting deer over bait is not prohibited on private lands statewide.

Hunting Whitetail Deer Compilation 2016: Fastest 6 BIG BUCK Years Ever

Short Version Update 11/28/2016: This is the long awaited follow up video to the last DEER HUNTING MASTERPIECE. This video is a treasure for Whitetail deer hunters, lovers and enthusiasts. It’s confirmation of what Extreme Deer Habitat and Habitat Improvements and Land Improvements can do for your deer herd growth and for keeping them coming around. “DEER HUNTING 2016: 6.5 Year Whitetail Life Cycle Video of Mature Buck “Non Typical'” The Leader in Outstanding High Quality Whitetail Deer Footage releases the very best video footage of “Non Typical”. I went back and reviewed all the video I have cataloged since uploading my very first HD video of Non Typical before the Illinois Whitetail Deer Archery Hunting Season of 2011. From my Sony Z5 Digital HD High Definition Video Camera came the spectacular images edited with Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 until now I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. This video contains excellent footage of many deer behavior and Non Typ’s 6.5 years of abnormal antler development. Now a 6.5 year old mature buck has some health issues I notice. 1. Right rear leg by tarsal gland an abnormality. 2. broken antlers and loss of length. – (info continues from previous updates) 2015: NT looks like his lost the RIGHT G4 and a lot of the length on his antlers since last year. The dramatic changes his rack has made has been an education on antler development. While he’s always had a non typical appearance, he’s always had a basket rack but nothing like 2014. Trail cams are an excellent resource to advance your knowledge of Whitetail deer, but limited. I never seen NT in person though 2013, as a 3 year old, and his “double brow tines” transformed to long single brows. I came to the conclusion that since he was a Non Typical and he has went through many changes every year that was him in 2013. In 2014 when I finally seen Non Typ in person and the buck he was hanging with, Crab Claw, I knew it was him without question. Non Typical also had a drop tine in 2012 as a 2 year old while in velvet, that was broke off. Stay tuned for all the interesting deer developments on The Sanctuary … Captured ONLY on #HawgNSonsTV

The Soybeans and Corn I use in Northeastern Illinois are:

The Music is by:
Kevin MacLeod, http://incompetech.com/
the song is: “Impact Moderato”
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3


Tristan Tyrcha, http://www.tristantyrcha.com/
the song is: “Path Of Zimmer”

Plant Diverse Food Plots for the Best Deer Hunting

What should you plant in your food plots for deer and other wildlife? That’s one of the most asked questions every year throughout the country. Food plots provide supplemental nutrition to deer, turkeys and other wildlife, along with giving hunters a better chance to see game animals and have a shot at a buck or doe.

Steve Bartylla is a veteran land manager and deer hunter with loads of experience. He provides his insights to creating and executing a plan for your best hunting experiences, along with shifting gears when the plan needs adjusting.

Grow ’em Big, Season 2 Ep. 22. Plant Diverse Food Plots for the Best Deer Hunting