Adapting The Outdoors:Season Four Episode Two: Illinois Wheelin Sportsmen Lick Creek Pheasant Hunt

I was invited to Lick Creek Game Preserve in Pekin, IL by the Illinois Wheelin Sportsmen for a pheasant hunt. Myself as well as other disabled hunters tried our hand at harvesting some beautiful pheasant hens and roosters.

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MissionOutdoors.Net – Season THREE Starts April 12th!

We’ve got a jam packed season about to start with a long road down gobbler lane, but this time I’m leading the charge in my home state of Minnesota after pulling a Season A tag. Once my hunt is complete, I’ll be followed by both of my kids Caleb and Madison as they both start their journey towards their second gobblers. As soon as the MN hunts are complete, we’ll transition over into Wisconsin while adding a few more turkey hunts in between with a few of my fellow combat veterans. To say I’m a little excited about this season is an understatement! And turkey isn’t all that’s up our sleeves for this year. We’ll be hitting the water with as many people as possible this season in search of walleyes and muskies once turkey season comes sadly to an end. Come September things transition back into the woods once again as we pursue Caleb’s very first black bear. Once archery deer season kicks off Mid September, things start rolling back around full circle once again with the Mission Outdoors crew chasing deer all over the place with our family and friends.

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