Every stand we made this morning it seemed like coyotes were coming in. When the weather works in your favor it’s amazing what can happen even later in the season.


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1st Annual Northern Arizona Coyote Calling Contested hosted by Oliver Williams. I hunted with Mike Bailey (first time contest hunter) with Kayla behind the camera. Ended up taking 1st and also taking the small dog pot with 2 yotes. Was an awesome time and we’re planning on it again next year.

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Bonus footage was a local Page, AZ tournament in December. Kayla wasn’t satisfied with the footage so we didn’t upload. enjoy!

Pattern Your Turkey Gun Before Every Hunt. Seriously.

“I can’t believe how many turkey hunters don’t pattern their shotguns. Every season I find myself shaking my head in turkey camps when overconfident hunters brush off the importance of patterning. And every season, when I pattern my own gun or watch others pattern theirs, a crazy number of surprises show up on paper. Turkeys will always give you plenty of opportunities to screw up—and we all do—but missing or wounding a bird because you don’t know where your shot is hitting … that’s pretty lame.” -Josh Dahlke

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The Funniest Moments Of Duck Season

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LRP Highlights | S3 E12 Muzzle Loader Elk Hunt in New Mexico

Aaron Davidson makes the trip to New Mexico to hunt the Muzzle loader Elk season with Frontier Outfitting. Jeremy Winters demonstrates how air density affects the trajectory of your bullet at long range, and Mike Davidson shows how to install a cant indicator. Be sure to watch the full episode!

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