Turkey Hunting: 4 Reasons You Need A Reflex/Red-Dot Sight On Your Turkey Gun

The best style of sights for turkey guns? The answer is a reflex (red-dot) sight, and the many reasons why include helping you get on target faster, and their proven deadliness at both close and long ranges. Stop here for more insider info on these red-dot wonders, which include the multi-featured Burris FastFire series.

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SECOND TURKEY DOWN!! | 2018 Washington State Spring Turkey Hunt #2

Washington State Turkey Hunting April 2018. Watch in HD!

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David and I headed out on Tuesday evening to roost some birds for Wednesday morning’s hunt. We were able to roost a couple different flock of birds, but we only had one flock that was in turkey-huntable conditions. Hence, that’s where David and I set up the following morning in hopes of drawing in one of the roosted gobblers down to our set up. That set up was a great set up, but some unfortunate things just happened and we left there with no punched tag. We drove around the majority of the morning just trying to find some gobblers when we finally hear a gobbler in the distant on our LAST resort spot. We closed the distance fast and so did he…

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Spot and Stalk Turkey Hunt! Indiana Spring Turkey Hunting 2018

Spot and Stalk Turkey Hunt! Indiana Spring Turkey Hunting 2018

Went out for a challenge on my Turkey Hunt. Fan mount on a bow for a spot and stalk turkey hunt to hopefully reap a turkey. Stalking turkey with a fan and bow is definitely not an easy task, but sometimes as just as much about the journey as it as the hunt.

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