The #1 Mistake Elk Hunters Make – Elk Talk Podcast – Episode #3

In this Episode of the Elk Talk Podcast with Randy Newberg and Corey Jacobsen, presented by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Corey and Randy discuss what Corey feels is the #1 Mistake Elk Hunters Make…

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Indiana Youth Turkey Hunt // Field To Feast Outdoors History Lesson

Come sit around the virtual campfire and listen to some stories that show how this country is made up of great individuals. This was day one of our time at Wildside Outdoor Adventures outfitters.

More adventure to come!

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Airgun Angie Takes Her Second Hog with the Winchester 70-45

I am hooked on hogs! I love hunting day or night and it is especially awesome to take something with my new .45 Caliber Winchester 70-45 wearing the 3D Night Vision Slip on scope unit! Second hog down with an airgun! Mark Kennedy invited my husband and I to go hog hunting with him and Rick Eutlser at Airgun Pro Shop along with Michael Bartlett supplied me with everything I needed to go. The Winchester 70-45, 300 grain cast bullets and the 3D Night Vision slip on scope unit and with that we got it done! Check it out!

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TC-45 Big Bore PCP

300 Grain Cast Bullets (please call Airgun Pro Shop, they’ll pull together a price for you)

Hawke 5-15×50 Scope
(Special order items, please call Airgun Pro Shop, they’ll pull together a price for you)

3D Night Vision Slip on Unit

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What Decoys I Use | Higdon Outdoors | Goose Decoys

My Team: Fowl Enforcement –

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Steve(o) Jeffrey artist insta: @sjeffrey_studios

Cameras & Lenses:
Canon 70D
Canon 18-55mm STM
Tamron 18-270mm
Monster Vision 1080+

Editing Software:
Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

Hunting Gear:
Waders – Gator Waders Shield Series Max-5 1600 grams
Jackets – BDU Winter Army Jacket, Rocky Venator 2 Layer
Gloves – Rocky Venator Waterproof Insulated
All of the hats (my obsession)
Stoeger M3500 (Main Gun)
Remington 870 (Back Up)
3 inch 1 or 2 shot for ducks
3 or 3 1/2 inch BB for geese
Higdon Floater Goose decoys
Cabelas Floater Duck decoys

Calls I use:
Buck Gardner Ducks Unlimited Poly Carb
Duck Commander Homeland Security
Primos short reed
Zink Call of Death
Duck Commander teal hen call