The #1 Mistake Elk Hunters Make – Elk Talk Podcast – Episode #3

In this Episode of the Elk Talk Podcast with Randy Newberg and Corey Jacobsen, presented by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Corey and Randy discuss what Corey feels is the #1 Mistake Elk Hunters Make…

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Colorado Elk Hunting with Ike Eastman – An Elk “Open Swim”

Hitch a ride with Ike Eastman as he takes to the hills of Colorado after trophy bull elk. Patience pays off for Ike when an impressive bull finally takes refuge from the October heat in a nearby pond.

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JAGER PRO™ Hog Trapping (27) Integrated Wild Pig Control™

This segment will demonstrate the successful method and technology used to remove 17 feral hogs from an agricultural farm during the months of March and April. We discuss each step of the M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System and how they are used to attain high volume capture results to prevent future crop damage from feral hogs. The JAGER PRO™ Capture Success Matrix™ and Integrated Wild Pig Control™ methodology proves to be an efficient control strategy for American farmers, landowners and homeowners without wasting any fuel, time or labor.

Indiana Youth Turkey Hunt // Field To Feast Outdoors History Lesson

Come sit around the virtual campfire and listen to some stories that show how this country is made up of great individuals. This was day one of our time at Wildside Outdoor Adventures outfitters.

More adventure to come!

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