Day 1: Late Rut Series | Deer-Nado | Deaf Buck

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Some behind the scenes footage of what traveling with Tyler and K.C. looks like. We get in an afternoon hunt and it is an exciting and beautiful evening.

Take a look at our extensive gear list below!

Links to our sweet camera gear:






Links to the stands we use:

Hawk Helium XL:

Muddy Vantage Gen 1:

Links to the sticks we use:

Hawk RazorMax:

Muddy Pro Sticks:

Links to the camoflauge gear we use:

Sitka Gear:

Check out the Trail Cameras we use:

Exodus Lift II:

The Exodus Lift II Trail Camera

Exodus Trek:

The Exodus Trek Trail Camera

Muddy ProCam 14:

StealthCam P12:

Bushnell Trophy Cam:

K.C. has some sweet optics:

Vortex Diamondback 10×42:×42-binocular

Vortex Ranger 1000:

Our bows are both Mathews:


QAD Rests:

Tyler uses NAP broad heads:

Spitfire Maxx

K.C. uses Rage broad heads:



Tyler’s arrows:

GoldTip Pro Hunter:

K.C.’s arrows:

Easton Axis:

Boots we wear:

Lacrosse boots:

Tyler also wears:

Meindel Boots:

K.C. also wears:

Scarpa Boots:

We are now using decoys as we see fit!

Check out Heads Up decoys:

Some of the organizations we support are:






Ducks Unlimited


Duck Hunting 2018 – Decoying Mallards In A Tight Swamp Hole

Whit and I hit a swamp spot of mine on the second day of our late duck hunting season here in Virginia with the hopes of shooting a few birds out of our kayaks. We had to battle tough conditions since high water and a previous freeze had changed the birds patterns from what they were doing earlier in the season. We set up on a small opening in the swamp and come shooting light we had a lot of birds working us and were able to shoot a handful in quick succession. Thinks slowed down rather quickly however since the birds decided they wanted to hangout in the flooded timber instead of the open swamp. We were able to finish of our hunt with one more mallard late in the morning, bringing our bag up to 5 mallards and a wigeon. This was Whit’s first ever wigeon and was the icing on the cake for the hunt.

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Deer Hunting Updates, Youth Hunts and CWD


In this episode Ken, Kerry, and Kevin, continue the discussion of latest deer hunting activity in the region.  Kerry and Kevin share some of the recent youth hunts including a great hunt with Dylan Butcher and his dad Jesse. We’ll share the hunt where Dylan kills his first buck on his first deer sighting in six years of hunting! We’ll also give the latest CWD update in the area.