2019 Teal Opener! Wisconsin Duck Hunting!

In this video you will see the first time that I have ever actually made a legitimate effort at filming my hunt. In this hunt it is the 2019 Wisconsin teal opening day. I linked up with my buddy Wil and the guys from somewhere in Wisconsin Chase and Scott. We hiked into a marsh the night before and we used our canoes to get to our spot and then we set up shop. We camped all night holding down the fort to make sure we got the spot that I wanted and had scouted the weeks ahead of time. Once legal shooting time came to first light it was amazing to see all of my scouting paid off with and insane amount of birds working the spread. Check out the footage and look at how many teal pour in on the decoy spread, making itn an amazing adventure. Stay tuned for more, in the very near future as I truly have found an amazing passion with filming my hunts.

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