HOPES AND DREAMS – Once In A Lifetime Nevada Archery Elk Hunt

After both drawing the same coveted elk tag in Nevada; Scott, a first-time elk hunter, and Lorenzo, who waited 12 years to draw the tag, team up for a once in a lifetime archery elk hunt.

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FRAMES + FRIENDS | A-Frame Hunting Canada Geese

We continue our Early Goose Season with three A-Frame hunts using different tactics of blind placement on each hunt. What we like about hunting out of A-Frame Blinds is the versatility they offer you in the field. You can set them up directly in the middle of the field, on a hedgerow, or between two different fields with totally different crops.

If you’re in the market for an A-Frame Style blind, Lucky Duck just released their 2×4 Blind that can be found here: http://www.luckyduck.com/2×4-blind/

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CARIBOU HUNTING THE HARD WAY – Alaska DIY Caribou Hunt (Part 3 of 5)

An Alaska DIY Caribou hunt is not always an easy task. Adam and Steve have seen some caribou but they get drenched by rain in their pursuits of a bull caribou.

Adam, an Alaska resident, will be going on his first hunt in Alaska and if he is successful it will be the first big game animal he has harvested. The mountains are nothing new for Adam, a skilled mountaineer, but hunting is a new endeavor with just a little experience deer hunting in the lower 48. With a desire to source his own meat and see the entire process, Steve assisted Adam in his pursuit. They will walk in to an area with everything on their back hoping to bring meat out of the backcountry. Enjoy Adam’s journey!

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12 Tips for Aging Bucks When Deer Hunting: It’s Not Just Antler Size!

Grant shares how to quickly and accurately age a buck on the hoof! Tips and techniques to age bucks using real world examples from trail camera images and live observations. It’s not just antler size! Set your own goals based on where you’re hunting and what You want to take home. First and foremost – enjoy the hunt! #TeamOutdoors #deerhunting

See the original video where this clip was shown with other tips for hunters: https://youtu.be/cVp1PHDZKXY

HOW TO HUNT OPEN COUNTRY! – Mapping Whitetails

We’re scouting overlooked open country habitat and find where the bucks are bedding!
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ANSWERING Your Deer Food Plot And Hunting Questions!

ANSWERING Your Deer Food Plot And Hunting Questions! I submitted a question on the you tube community tab asking for questions. In this video i answer your hunting and food plot questions!

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On this video, Brian Call, Ryan Lampers, and Jeff Lusk spend two days packing bear meat and bear hides across miles and miles of public land on their DIY backcountry bear hunt. This is episode 4. In this video series, Jeff Lusk, Brian Call, and Ryan Lampers take 5 bears–3 bears are taken is just 30 minutes. They take you through the hunt, the packing and the eating of bear meat–it’s a good time for all!