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I’ve been providing clients with some of the “best hog hunting in East Texas” for a number of years now. Book with Texas Hog Hunting Outfitters if you are ready to experience a real Texas Hog Hunting adventure? Our Texas Hog Hunting Outfitter hunting packages are very affordable. Contact me and let’s book a date and get you and your hunting buddies out in the field, we’re only 2 hours from DFW.

So Many Bears! – Washington Fall Bear Hunt | 2019 Hunting Season EP.12

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I head out to different area on this hunt. This is our old stomping grounds but I haven’t hunted this spot in several years. I’m encountering bears at first light and continue to do so throughout the day. I was covered up by predators on this day as well as deer and moose. It was a fun day to be in the woods for sure…

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Pslam 19:1 (NIV)
“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”


DIY Come Along for Moose Hunting The Tool part 1

Outdoor life with Hunt4fish. Misplaced my small 3×4 come along that I had in my knap sack that I used when hunting, lifting game etc so made up couple more; this is one of them. Other had 4 pulleys which I will show later date. Pulleys are powerful simple machines. They can change the direction of a force, which can make it much easier for us to move something. … Pulleys can also provide us with a mechanical advantage when we use several together and more rope. This process lessens the amount of force required to lift something.

Toughest Hunt Of The Year: Montana Late Season Elk | (Amazon Episode)

Randy Newberg and Karrson Koivisto of Gerber Gear are hunting the rugged mountains of southwest Montana. It’s the second week of the rifle elk season where hunting pressure and unusual weather that can make locating public land bull elk extremely difficult. The weather is unpredictable, the terrain is steep, and the hunting is touch.

Beau Baty of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas, decides to bring the llamas and come help, providing a luxury camp to hunt from. This hunt falls during the post rut, so Randy’s plan is to get up to a high vantage point and spend their time glassing for these bulls hiding in their sanctuaries.

Cutting grizzly tracks, steep hikes, and white out weather provides plenty of challenges. Will the guys get it done? Watch to find out.

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JT is one of my best friends and we have hunted together for many years. He, Justin and I were lucky enough to have drawn Book Cliffs tags this year as we applied as a group. On the third day of the hunt and after having a few solid opportunities at some great bucks, JT was able to connect on one of the bucks from his list (Whitey Flighty). He made a perfect shot at 25 yards and the buck died within seconds and within sight. I am grateful I was able to have watched the entire thing unfold through my spotting scope and to have been there with JT when he took this awesome buck. It was another incredible hunt.

Congratulations JT!

Hog Hunting in Texas | DOUBLE HEADSHOT

Hog Hunting in Texas | DOUBLE HEADSHOT

Patton and Paul spent a weekend in the Hill Country checking trails and took advantage of a few opportunities to put some pigs in the freezer. Two perfect size eating pigs wandered into the Camp feeder while the guys were enjoying their coffee, Patton saved bullets and put two down with one shot! A third and fourth pig ended up hitting the dirt while the guys were checking trail cameras, but only a partial of one was managed to get on video- sometimes it happens to quick!

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MARK DRURY’S 187 2/8″ MONSTER BUCK DOWN!? Has He Finally Found “The One”?

Looking for a way to scratch that whitetail itch while counting down these last few weeks before deer season? Check out this latest Muddy Moment where the Mad Man comes face to face with a monster booner he likes to call “The One”.


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175 lb Boar, CRD Grendel Nosler 140 gr. BTHP Thermal Hunt

175 lb boar taken @ 50 yards with 6.5 Grendel sighted with an IR Hunter thermal optic from Third Coast Thermal. Brass catcher by Tactical Brass Recovery. Nosler 140 gr. BTHP ammo loaded factory new by Custom Reloads of Dallas. This is the first of many loads I will be testing for CRD to see how they perform on hogs.

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