INSANE Early Goose Hunt in CALIFORNIA!

Thomas got permission to hunt a chopped corn field for early goose season in CA. We patterned them the night before and that next evening they had no clue we were there! (13,862)

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Arizona Bear Hunting with Bow 2019 – Pat Feldt
Watch as Arizona Outfitter Guide Pat Feldt pursues a big old Boone and Crockett record book class bear with his bow and arrow. Pat spots the bear then uses a call to bring the bear out of the brush for a shot. The final action is caught on a gopro. The big lanky old bear is taken archery style at only 4 yards! For info on a guided bear hunt with archery or rifle, please visit

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Hi guys! This video is about Windy Day Mule Deer Hunting On Lion Mountain.
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