Day 3 of the Utah muzzleloader deer hunt! This is a 4 video series so even though there’s meat in the freezer make sure to watch for the next days video!

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An exhilarating introduction to my MOOSE HUNTING 5 part Series, this is a basic overlay on what to expect over the next few weeks. It will consist of 5 uploads at 6:30 pm EST, be sure to ring that bell so your alerted when a new video launches.

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We ventured deep into the public lands of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado this Fall in search of a monster 300 In+ Elk, in some of the most pristine mountains you could dream of hunting- braving extreme cold, incomprehensible physical challenges, and risking everything for a shot at the perfect Bull Elk.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting//Big 8pt WATCH THE BULLET GO THROUGH THE BUCK

Whitetail deer hunt with rifle. WATCH THE BULLET GO THROUGH THIS BIG 8 PT. Joey Covino hunting at Pipeline Ridge. Awesome video of up close action.
This is Joey’s first trip to Pipeline Ridge in Muncy,PA

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The Dirt Road Team

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting With A Timney Trigger

We had been anticipating our Montana antelope hunt for years, yet the trip managed to sneak up on us before we knew it. Such is life. As a full-time college student living remotely, my brother had little time to prepare for the hunt, ultimately resulting in a last-minute trip to the rifle range with only a half day to practice shooting. But I modified my rifle, which we would be sharing, to ensure he could focus more on the hunt and less on the gun. Adding a Timney Trigger to the rifle made it much easier for him to get comfortable with the rifle and head into antelope country with confidence. -Josh Dahlke

Elk Camp Tent Tour | Canvas Hunting Tent | CanvasCamp

Take a tour inside our tent at Elk Camp! I pitched the Sibley 450 ProTech Canvas Bell Tent in the Gore Range for some early season Colorado Elk hunting. Set up only took 15 minutes and we camped comfy for 5 days in extreme cold, snow, wind, and even some bluebird skies. Subscribe to CanvasCamp’s channel or visit the website to learn more why Sibley is the the Best Canvas Tent for Hunting Tent of 2019:

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Sibley 450 ProTech

Gstove Heat View

Exit 1 Stove Jack

Yeti Tundra 110

Kelty Lowdown Camp Chairs

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