Hogs In The Woods – Pulsar Thermion XM38 Firmware Update

Hunting Hogs in Georgia with Pulsar Thermion XM38 & 6.5 Grendel – Found a few hogs in the woods on way back to the truck. This is the first hog hunting video I have made with the Pulsar Thermion XM38 since the Pulsar XM 4.0 Firmware update. The image quality is much improved with less haze and better background clarity. The video quality is much closer to the Thermion XP series of scopes than before the 4.0 update. Pay attention to the image quality and separation of shades in the background, not just the hogs. Trees, vines, and bushes are distinct and depth perception much better than before.

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Wiley Cork Canvasback Decoys – Decoy Carving – Duck Hunting

Ha ha ha… so yeah its been a journey to get these 2014 started Wiley Tan Cork from Wilmington Delaware, hollowed with cedar bottom boards, northern white cedar heads with glass eyes and paint in Goldens Acrylics “Heavy Body Mattes” which where finished in 2018 and finally gunned over here in the 2019-2020 Maryland Duck Season.

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Wiley Cork Canvasback Decoys – Decoy Carving – Duck Hunting

Coyote Hunting / Texas is Target Rich! Grandpas gun loved it!

This episode we are in Texas killing hogs and bobcats and coyotes. I love hunting and when I can include pigs and bobcats,,,, well hell yah!

Coyote calling and predator hunting at its best! Coyote Peterson doesn’t have anything on us! All we do is eat, breath and sleep coyote hunting. Predator calling is one of the fastest and most popular sports in the hunting arena today. That being said we strive to film the best coyote hunting and predator calling action on the youtube. Steve Criner, the Dog Soldier, his mission is to help people become the best predator callers they can be along with providing the best reviews and equipment you can get. As a world champion, the Dog Soldier, knows what it takes to make the right sounds and build the best calls the coyote hunting market has ever seen.

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DIY Alaska Moose Hunt 2019

Do It Yourself drop camp moose hunt in Alaska. High winds, rain, fighting bulls and grizzly bears. Check out our hunting adventure as Eric and I hunt north America’s Alaska Yukon moose! To be legal, racks have to be at least 50″ wide or have at least 4 brow tines on one side. While we spotted a huge bull, we weren’t able to get within range for a shot. We went home having experienced raw Alaska at it’s finest with great memories and a desire to return. We’re going back in 2020!

Saving WORLD RECORD Deer Migration – Make Winter Range Great Again!

Wyoming’s world record deer migration is under threat. The mule deer population is dropping. Deer see more and more challenges on their migration corridors between summer and winter range. Mike Eastman has a lifetime of knowledge on mule deer and migration after sixty years of filming and hunting. Lessons learned by researchers and hunters are a key to the future of these animals. The example set in the Wyoming Migration Initiative can set the path for conservation of mule deer across the West.

To make a direct contribution to the Wyoming Migration Initiative’s mule deer conservation work visit: https://muledeer.org/wyoming-migration-initiative/

Learn more about Wyoming’s unbelievable mule deer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B6PImuzT5o&list=PLsCaxOyKjb4rlCh3zA_9z8PEzG_yHUjFB&index=2

Check out some other big bucks at the end of their migration on winter range filmed by Mike Eastman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMiDHmbGSfo&list=PLsCaxOyKjb4rlCh3zA_9z8PEzG_yHUjFB&index=3

Mike Eastman shares more of what he’s learned about Wyoming mule deer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE2j22C5HkE&list=PLsCaxOyKjb4rlCh3zA_9z8PEzG_yHUjFB&index=5&t=72s

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The Jake Dance! Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Gobbling Toms in Kansas

It’s finally time to start thinking about spring wild turkey hunting for big gobbling toms! Here’s a quick look back at the start of our Kansas hunt last year. We didn’t get a longbeard coming in this morning but these jakes put on quite a show and were fun to watch! We’ll post more chapters of the rest of the exciting week we had hunting birds in Kansas over the next couple weeks!

CALLING a TURKEY through a FENCE!! -Iowa Public Land

Zach and Ted get on a flock of Gobblers!
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