Goose Hunt 2019

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Welcome to Standing Stone Kennels! In this video we The Guy With The Pink Gun sets up for a goose hunt. Follow along to see the full setup.

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Ethan and Kat Pippitt are the proud owners of Standing Stone Kennels. They breed German Shorthaired pointers and train all types of dogs for the hunt and the home. Their training strategies are easy to follow and are flexible to meet the needs of individual dogs. They are avid outdoorsmen and when they aren’t training dogs they spend their free time hunting all kinds of game across the United States.

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Should we help duck hunters? How to duck hunt

Should we help others be better duck hunters? Why is duck hunting such a big competition? On this video Joel ‘gets on his soap-box’ and talks about why we should help one another.
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In the past 15-20 years many guys took up duck hunting who didn’t have a mentor and just tried to figure it out on their own. As a result we have a lot of shooters and less people skilled at getting birds close. If we can share hunting tips and ethics with others, we can make the sport better for everyone! Watch this video and find out how you can be a part of the solution.

Joel Strickland (@mrproducersir) is a lifelong waterfowler, duck hunting guide and producer/director in the film and television industry.

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Surviving Duck Season is a first of its kind waterfowling YouTube Channel. Our team is comprised of individuals from across the country who hunt every day of duck season. On our channel we have lots of different types of content: Duck and goose hunting videos, cooking, DIY projects, reviews and suggestions on products and gear, and of course lots of tips and tactics. Every week of the year we drop at least one piece of content, so you will always have great waterfowling content to watch, at any time of the year!

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Many of you have asked what duck hunting channels we enjoy watching. Here are a few:
Freelance Duck Hunting
Outdoor Limits
Mid Valley Mercenaries
Duck Commander
Cherry Creek Outdoors
Duck Gun Chronicles
Tony Vandemore


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Ep 137 – Kaitlyn Lowes: Texas Hogs on Horseback

Kaitlyn Lowes joins Sam on the Wild Initiative in the NSSF Lounge at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. In this episode, they discuss hunting her family’s property in Texas and taking her first deer, the beauty of processing your own wild game meat, shooting and hog hunting from horseback, the ethics of high-fence hunting and hunting overseas.

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What’s better to use snow goose hunting? Whites or Layout blinds?
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Archery Elk Over Water – Michele Eichler

Michele takes a break from her garden to try and harvest an elk over a water tank. Youngest son Trent comes along to help run camera.


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Fred Eichler is a man of personal achievement. His passion for bowhunting has taken him all over the world in pursuit of his next adventure. Fred truly believes that any animal with a bow is a trophy. His personal quest to complete the North American Super Slam with a recurve bow reflects that state of mind. In mid August of 2009 Fred harvested a cow Tule Elk to become the first to take all 29 North American big game animals with a recurve bow and complete the Super Slam. Fred has been fortunate enough to share his love and enthusiasm of the sport with fellow bowhunters across the country through his television shows and personal appearances. If you ever run across Fred in the woods or at your local bow shop you’ll be greeted with a big smile and friendly handshake. Bowhunting is more than a passion for him, it’s a way of life.