Hunting Whitetail Bucks with a .50 BMG at Legends Ranch

Hunting Whitetail Bucks with a .50 BMG at Legends Ranch

Quality Father/Son time, a .50 BMG, and one of the most prestigious ranches in the United States? Sign us up! This week on “The High Road with Keith Warren”, Keith is heading back to Legends Ranch with two very special things in his life: his son, Kolton, who is a Captain in the Air Force, and his .50 BMG! While Keith mans the .50, Kolton is taking an AR-10 tricked out in Timber Creek gear. Get ready for a father son hunt like no other as the Warrens hunt for beautiful bucks with America’s favorite firearms!

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Warning! The following video contains hunting that is educational in nature, but may be offensive to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Every successful person has a mentor, a coach, someone they can trust and turn to for guidance. Keith Warren is that person for both aspiring and avid outdoorsmen alike. Keith has taken everything from deer, bear, and hogs with every type of hunting method.

Tag along with Keith as he hunts across America and around the world, providing tips, how to’s, and incredible hunting action with one goal: to help make YOU a better outdoorsman.

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Keith currently hosts The High Road with Keith Warren and Keith Warren’s Deer & Wildlife Stories, nationally broadcast on the Pursuit Channel.

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Rocky Boots goes Osceola Turkey Hunting in Florida

Jason from Unleashed Global Adventures ventures off in South Florida with his Rocky Boots and Venator Camouflage to hunt Osceola Turkeys to get one step closer to his Turkey Slam.

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Tracking Down A Mississippi Gobbler – Public Land Turkey Hunting – Calling All Turkeys

Shane Simpson hits the public lands of Mississippi in search a lonesome gobbler.

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Goose Hunting Alberta Canada | Duck and Goose Hunt | Best Hunting | HUNTERS HUNTING

Goose Hunting Alberta Canada | Duck and Goose Hunt | Best Hunting | HUNTERS HUNTING

Alberta Canada Duck and Goose Hunting the likes of which you’ve always dreamed. The Alberta Waterfowl Outfitters experience entails mostly dry-field hunting for mallards, pintails, Canada geese, cackler geese, snow geese, and more specklebelly geese then you’ll find elsewhere in Canada. But it doesn’t happen by accident. Full-time waterfowl hunting guide, Brennan Hudson brings over a decade of professional guide experience to the table. He and staff are young, savvy and committed to delivering superior waterfowl hunting in Alberta. Says a long-time guest, “The accommodations, the meals, the scenery, the hunting, and the people make this a must-do for any waterfowler. If you look up the definition of work ethic there is a picture of Brennan.”

A rich tapestry of hot agricultural food crops paints million-acre swaths in the headwaters of North America’s waterfowl migration. September through October, abundant, locally-hatched ducks and geese are joined by a tremendous influx of waterfowl from the arctic, which amass into flocks numbering thousands. Gorging themselves on peas, barley, corn, wheat, fattening themselves for the long southbound journey. Like the narrow stem of a funnel, most of North America’s white-front migration passes through this area, too. And it’s here that these spectacular Alberta ducks and goose hunting take place. Full-time scouts scour the vast countryside for the most active feeds.

Leave the waders at home. Dry-field hunts are the norm, and waterfowl hunting near the water doesn’t involve your pitching decoys. Hate to shoot from layout blinds? No problem. Most hunts utilize well-grassed a-frame blinds so that hunters can stand to shoot. Let Brennan know when booking of any special mobility concerns and they’ll gladly accommodate your needs. Depending on the game-plan, sizable spreads of full-body, windsocks and silhouettes are deployed such that ducks geese present themselves as perfectly as possible.

Guests stay in a 5,000 square-feet lodge that is beautifully appointed with comfortable furnishings, massive Canadian white-tail game heads, wifi, pool table and captivating view of majestic Alberta countryside. Better loosen your belt because meals won’t disappoint, either. Pre-hunt continental-style breakfasts and coffee will be forgotten at brunch when heaping platters of eggs, breakfast meats, and home-made pastries hit the table. Not that you’ll still be hungry, but tempting party trays are available throughout the day. Following afternoon hunts, 3-course dinners consisting of ribeyes, pork chops, roasts are accompanied by home-made sides and desserts like Momma makes.

Minimum 4 hunters to ensure private party, up to 12 guests total. A few dates each season are reserved for mixed groups of solo hunters and pairs. Getting to this Alberta Canada duck and goose hunting paradise is as simple as flying into either Calgary or Saskatoon, renting a car and driving less than 3 hours through the beautiful fall landscape of Canada. Brennan personally contacts each group 5 days prior to scheduled hunt dates to makes sure that hunters are updated. It’s little wonder this hunt sells out quickly to repeat guests.

Hi Guys, in this video we are showing you and stunning Goose and duck hunting in Alberta Canada has been nothing short of amazing! Awesome guys took care of us and helped get us on birds and produce some amazing videos for you all. Big shout out to Jeremy from 780outdoors for everything he and his wife did for us!! I REALLY HOPE YOU WILL ALL ENJOYED!!!


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Filling deep woods watering hole during a drought! Budget! Deer land management at the farmstead!

Lost video, but lets get out to some HOT and DRY weather since we are now stuck in a nasty, and rainy weather pattern here for early 2020! Join me for a fun, and HOT video of the drought we endured here during late summer of 2019, as I improvised a way to fill up my deep woods watering hole, aka the ‘skyline watering hole,’ which is the ONLY watering hole that I have that I have to manually fill up once a year. This was a deer watering hole that I dug a couple of years ago with the Bobcat e42 mini excavator, but since there were just so many rocks in this area I had to add a pond liner to get it to hold water. After going through some old videos I realized that I had never created a project video of this land management and habitat improvemet activity. So, better late than never, but please join me for some sunshine, some frustrations, and keeping it real as I work to fill up this deer watering hole during the drought of 2019, that we experienced here at our Southern Illinois homestead farm. While we might be considered ‘Modern Homesteaders,’ at this point we are still working on creating and improving wildlife conservation projects, and wildlife improvement projects on our 150 acre Illinois farm. During this small pond filling project I used my Ford F150 truck and my Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Northstar to haul out fresh water to fill the deer watering hole prior to the 2019 deer hunting season. Of course, as most projects go there were many failures along the way and letdowns. But in the end, I was able to get this deep woods man made watering hole full for the deer and wildlife to use during the last fall and the 2019 deer hunting season. Thanks for joining us, please hit the Like button if you enjoyed our content and video and consider subscribing to follow all of our Illinois and Kentucky land management projects, all of our Branson tractor projects, advanced food plots, watering holes, wildlife conservation projects, wildlife habitat improvement projects, Bobcat T650 CTL/Skid steer projects, duck ponds, Bobcat e42 Mini Excavator projects, our Kentucky farmhouse rehab project, Polaris XP1000 Northstar riding and work projects, DIY rustic home decor projects, DIY barn wood projects, DIY landscaping, and much more country living adventure. Thank you! Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.