Best Elk Hunting Backpack – ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Hybrid X Hunting Pack Year Later Review
Talking about the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Hybrid X Hunting Pack. I’ll make sure this year I’ll have footage of me using this pack while shed hunting and hunting and a year from now I’ll do another review and see how the pack held up in Oregon, Arizona, Wyoming, Iowa, and Colorado!

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Killed a Huge Boar with a Glock 19 (9mm)! Hog Spot and Stalk.

Hey folks, we got a break in the police academy schedule during this COVID-19 outbreak, and I decided to get out and do a little hog hunting. I brought another police cadet along with me, who had never been hunting in his life. He’s a marine, though, so I knew he’d know how to handle the rifle. We managed two pigs; one huge boar taken down with my glock 19 (with 9mm, it was a lucky shot), and one sow taken with the AR-15. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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During my the back half of my Nebraska turkey hunting trip, I was so close yet again to arrowing a gobbler! To see more, visit

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Disaster At The Lean-To @ The Rustic Log Cabin Deer Hunting Camp

I’m not very good with social media if you are could you please help me share this video and my channel. This channel is all about building skills sets for life.

Come see what we are up to at the rustic log cabin in Maine. While we wait on deer hunting season at deer camp.

Welcome to The North Maine Woods. Join me for a common sense approach to woodsmen skills & long forgotten tricks and tips of the old woodsmen. Many things that will help you to survive in the great outdoors. Bushcraft skills for beginners and seasoned sportsmen. Deer hunting tips, fishing, scouting, and hiking tips of the trade. Real prepping skills. Off the grid common sense living skills. Easy old school woodsmen tricks and tips for winter survival situations.

Tag along and sit with me by the fire. I will show you common sense ways to make shelters, gather wood, & where to find and how to use wild tinders for easy survival winter fires. With and without flint & steel, matches, lighters, ferro rods, charred punk wood, fire roll, etc. Too many winter survival tips to list here. I will see you in the videos. Leave a comment, I will get back to you.

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I met up with the Freelance Duck Hunting crew and we went fishing. In the spring, white bass move up in rivers to spawn and they are a blast to catch. We used the kayaks to float the river and fish. The day had a great start, but the fish shut off early in the day.

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Spring Turkey Hunting Gear Showdown

This video explains the turkey hunting equipment Joe is planning to use for the 2020 Wisconsin spring turkey hunt. There are thousands of options for turkey hunting gear and it can be overwhelming sometimes when deciding what to use. This video will give you a better idea of what works for us, and maybe it will work for you too!

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