Bow hunt deer 2018

Bow hunt 2018, November 7th, It was 40 degrees with a gusty 17 mph wind from the Southwest, to possibly switch to Northwest, the wind chill was about 30 degrees. I was sitting on a fence crossing about 22 yards to my left side. I hunt with a PSE Stinger 3G compound bow, with a Buschnell holosight, Carbon Express arrows, with Shockwave 125 broadheads. The area I hunt is surrounded by farm land, there are horses in a pasture next to the woods and they warn me of the deer that are on their way to the fence crossing. On this evening I see six deer, I would have taken one of the does if they had not been restless due to the buck that was behind me. The buck was a year and one half, or a young two and one half year old buck he needs time to grow, tall rack about eight points, he will be nice next year if he survives the year. Good luck hunting!

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