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DIY Rifle Bear Hunt Oregon 2018

2018 fall bear hunt opening day in Oregon went perfectly. I had a great time with Sage from Chasing Moby go check him out.He has some really well done hunting films. Sage did all the filming for this video I only edited it.

I met Sage and David at their shop and headed out for an evening hunt in some clear cuts. We had about three hours until dark and we needed them all. About twenty min before dark we finally found a burned stump that was moving. I hope you enjoy the video.

Bear Hunting WV with hounds, early season 2018

In this video we head down to the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in Braxton county, WV! We treed multiple black bear throughout the week and got some awesome video footage for you guys to see. Although we didn’t get the monster boar we were after, it was a blast just hiking around God’s country. Stay tuned for more videos coming up this Fall, we got Turkey season coming back in followed by more black bear hunting and finishing up with Trapping season. Catch us out here #Gettin’SchmidtDunn , Thanks for watching!

Bear Attack On The Homestead!?

One day before the annual moose hunting here in Sweden, we found a dead moose in our forest. At first sight it seemed like an unfortunate accident but when we turned the moose over we saw something else…

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