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EP36 Black Bear Hunting with Steven Dahn

Today we talk to Steven Dahn about his experience chasing big Black Bears in SW Oregon. Steven lives in an area that has a strong population of bears. The steep landscape and thick forest makes for a tough hunt, but also very rewarding. Black Bear are a unique and fun species to hunt. Keeping their numbers down protects deer/elk numbers as well as provides great hunting opportunity during times of the year where there may not be many other options. Plus they make great bear tacos!

Bow Hunting Shot Placement Part 2

Bow hunter Dan Pickar breaks down how to shoot big game animals. In part 2, Pickar examines black bear, elk and deer bow hunts. Learn about black bear anatomy and how that affects shot placement and success.

Watch Dan in action in Beyond the Grid by Eastmans’:

Missed part 1 of Dan’s shot placement series? Watch it here:

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Bow and Arrow Colorado Black Bear Hunting

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In this Colorado bear hunt a fellow rush junkie ventures into the woods for a bow hunt. An archery bear hunt is exciting and a lot of work. The colorado black bear hunt was quite a big venture we went for a hike into the mountains to our colorado tree stand and hunted over an elk carcass.

Using a compound bow to hunt a black bear is always exciting. The thrill of the hunt is excelled when you only have a bow and arrow to hunt with. The Colorado bear hunt was a succesful hunt. There are a lot of black bear in Colorado. You need to talk with your colorado DNR and get a colorado bear hunting license.

When it comes to Colorado bear hunting tips there are many videos you can find on youtube to help you harvest a colorado black bear. I hope you enjoyed watching this colorado bear hunt.

Alaska WILD | PREDATOR CALLING Brown Bear | Bear Horizon Season 5

Predator calling brown bears is not for the faint of heart. Guide, author and hunter, Billy Molls calls in a giant bear on the Alaskan peninsula. You’ll also see a 9.5-foot breeding a sow and lots of unique bear interactions. On the fifth day of the hunt after spotting a giant brown bear, Billy predators calls and the bear comes running! Check out Billy Molls content at and his YouTube channel.