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Craziest thing I’ve ever seen bear hunting

Check the bottom right corner at the end, me and my buddy were out for opening day of bear season this morning and thought we put a good shot on a realy cool lookin bear. We have no idea what the hell it was… anyon ever seen a bear run on 2 legs like that? I’ve never believed in the Sasquatch before, but I’m seriously questioning what the hell I saw today.

Uploaded from the road, we had to get out of there. Gonna watch it from a bigger screen from home.

Fred Lutgers Last Bearhunt

Fred Lutger has bowhunted black bears for over 40 years and taken groups of bowhunters bear hunting for almost as long. There have been many memorable hunts. In 2016 Fred took his last group to Ontario, Canada to hunt black bears with their bow and arrows. Here is Fred’s successful bowhunt, vidoed by Robert Hoague of

Alaskan Black Bear – Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg (hunting)

After years of coaxing, Randy convinces long-time friend, Bart May, to join him on an Alaska black bear hunt. The hunt ends with some close range action none of the hunters will soon forget.

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