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Arkansas Bear Hunt

Me and my friend Scotty (the guy you see in the video) were bear hunting in the mountains of Arkansas and I thought it’d be a good idea to bring my GoPro along to record our adventures. This was also my first time bear hunting so I hope ya’ll enjoy!

I used a GoPro Hero 4 Black edition

The song is Footsteps by Pop Evil


Arizona Bear Hunt

Hunter Mike Johnson and Guide Dillon Currie of CHASE’N THE KING LLC hunt bears in the high deserts of Arizona with the help of Cole McGuire, Tanner Kemp, and Cliff Amator. Mike takes his first Arizona bear on the second day of the early August season. Dillon and Tanner return shortly after and Dillon shoots his fourth consecutive Arizona bruin finishing off their first hunt of the season. A CHASE’N THE KING and BOWSESSION Production.

My Colorado Black Bear Hunt

Oct. 2015 S.W Colorado, hunting an area I know to hold bears all year, I had set up trail cams and had a few nice bears on them. But only turkeys came in so I moved and found sign but no bears, then to a clearing with lots of scrub oak, thick timber, bear sign and elk rubs. Second day in the clearing about 6pm I hear crashing through the scrub oak. She came in at 40 yards and left at about 30. It is illegal to kill a sow with cubs in Colorado.

bear hunt 2015 Jared and Francis aka White Devil and Kahuna 1 of 2

went on a bear hunt (Francis first hunt). location Olympic peninsula upper dungeness trail.
started out a little iffy as far as the wheather goes. we got to the first log bridge, usually the water is 8-10 feet below the log, today it was 3-4 feet below. 1/4 mile later the whole trail was taken over by the river so we headed back to the trailhead and made camp by the river(probably not a great idea in retrospect). spent the night and woke up to snow , since we drove up in my mazda 3(not a great mountain vehicle) we packed up and left for home. It was a great trip over all. Francis got to go on his first hunting trip and we didn’t die!! john says that why its called HUNTING and not GETTNG….