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MeatEater TV Season 7: Alaska Moose and Caribou Hunt with Janis and Papa Janis

Steve and Janis bring Papa Janis up to Alaska for a special moose hunt. The team calls and thrashes tree limbs to bring in a bull moose close enough for a shot while Janis has a caribou tag burning a hole in his pocket. It’s the end of caribou migration, so they’re looking for stragglers running ridgelines. The team works towards the goal of getting both tags filled.

MeatEater Season 7: Doug and Mark Join Steve on an Alaskan Caribou Hunt

On this hunt, Steve takes his midwest whitetail hunting buddies, Doug Duren and Mark Kenyon, on their first Alaskan big game adventure. They fly by bush plane into an untouched, remote area of the eastern Alaska Range wilderness to intercept the caribou migration. Once they arrive at their destination, they find a seemingly endless parade of caribou traveling on their annual journey to their wintering grounds. With plenty of large, mature bulls to choose from, and hungry grizzlies shadowing the caribou, it’s a hunt unlike anything Doug or Mark have ever experienced. When the hunt comes to a close, Steve prepares Chinese hot pot with caribou tenderloin.

Central Barren Ground Caribou Hunt – Canadian Wilderness Outfitters

A short video highlighting our Central Barren Ground Caribou hunting adventures by Scott Smith of Canadian Wilderness Outfitters. If you are interested in booking one of these once in a lifetime hunts please contact Scott Smith at (204) 525-2121 or at

Dirt Road Traveler by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

2018 Swamp Runner Alaska Caribou Hunt

Engine: 35hp Swamp Runner
Boat: 2448 Monark jonboat
Distance Traveled: 295 miles
Fuel used: 40 gallons.
Upriver speed into a 5 mph current with 1800 lb payload was 8-14 mph.
We passed several jet boats in the lower elevations, and began climbing through rocky rapids, to gain over 500 feet in elevation in a distance of 40 miles.
On day 3 of the hunt we harvested a bull caribou, and saw several hundred during days 3 & 4.
In the high country we saw no one but us and the herds of caribou.
On day 5 of the hunt we harvested a bull moose, and saw a total of 5 moose.
Down river speed with a 2000 lb payload was 18-21 mph, depending on wind and current.
Swamp Runner Mud Motors
Made for the Middle of Nowhere

Eastmans’ Elevated Episode 122: Alaska Hunting on a Budget with Chase Gallentine

In this episode of Eastmans’ Elevated Brian Barney sits down with his good buddy Chase Gallentine. The guys just finished up their caribou hunt and reflect upon the hunting experience. This one has some great info if you have ever wanted to plan an Alaskan hunting adventure. The guys share everything they have learned about Haul Road hunting and other options for the budget minded hunter.

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