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Monster Caribou Muzzleloader Hunt at 300 yards

Monster Caribou Muzzleloader Hunt at 300 yards

Happy Thanksgiving! This week The High Road looks back on this amazing hunt with Keith Warren, where he pushes through tons of pouring rain in order to get a clean shot with his Savage ML-II Muzzleloader. Through the terrible rain squalls, Keith manages to take a monster Caribou at 300 yards!

Warning! The following video contains hunting and shooting that is educational in nature, but may be offensive to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Every successful person has a mentor, a coach, someone they can trust and turn to for guidance. Keith Warren is that person for both aspiring and avid outdoorsmen alike. Keith has hunted everything from deer, bear, and hogs with air guns, pistols, rifles, and thermal gear.

Tag along with Keith as he hunts across America and around the world, providing tips, how to’s, and incredible hunting action with one goal: to help make YOU a better outdoorsman.

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Keith currently hosts The High Road with Keith Warren and Keith Warren’s Deer & Wildlife Stories, nationally broadcast on the Pursuit Channel.

Hunting Moose and Caribou in Alaska: Self-guided drop hunt adventure

Ian Harford and Steve Wild return to the magnificent Alaskan wilderness for another epic hunting adventure. However, this trip will be slightly different. This time Ian will be self-guiding and Steve will be accompanying him.

Welcome to the Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska on Team Wild TV.

Revelation Mountain Outfitters guided Ian and Steve a year ago where they spent several weeks amongst the difficult, yet stunning surroundings of Alaska. (Click here to watch the full series now – ) This time they decided to do things a little bit differently, self-guided hunting offers new opportunities, but also new challenges.

Ian and Steve begin their journey into the Alaskan wilderness around 110 miles north of Anchorage. An entire years meticulous planning and preparation has finally led them to the start of their epic journey. Every item of equipment has been carefully chosen for it’s specific purpose and to keep the weight to a bare minimum – there’s simply no space for superfluous gear.

After arriving by plane in to what will be their home for the next few weeks by their bush pilot Cole Hawkins of Hawk Air Alaska, Ian and Steve begin their first task of setting up camp and building shelter. They are greeted by clear skies and bright sunshine, however the weather in Alaska is very changeable. Warm and sunny one moment could soon turn into dense fog and torrential downpour.

With camp finally set up, Ian and Steve head up onto the ridge and glass over the topography. The beautiful afternoon sunshine belies the very hostile nature of this environment. Here they must keep their wits about them and prepare for the worst that Mother Nature can throw. It’s a surreal experience for Ian and Steve to finally be back in the wilds of Alaska and focus is now very much on the challenge ahead.

Next time on Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska – After nearly a year of preparation, Ian and Steve head out into the wild and begin their epic adventure.

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MeatEater TV Season 7: Alaska Moose and Caribou Hunt with Janis and Papa Janis

Steve and Janis bring Papa Janis up to Alaska for a special moose hunt. The team calls and thrashes tree limbs to bring in a bull moose close enough for a shot while Janis has a caribou tag burning a hole in his pocket. It’s the end of caribou migration, so they’re looking for stragglers running ridgelines. The team works towards the goal of getting both tags filled.

MeatEater Season 7: Doug and Mark Join Steve on an Alaskan Caribou Hunt

On this hunt, Steve takes his midwest whitetail hunting buddies, Doug Duren and Mark Kenyon, on their first Alaskan big game adventure. They fly by bush plane into an untouched, remote area of the eastern Alaska Range wilderness to intercept the caribou migration. Once they arrive at their destination, they find a seemingly endless parade of caribou traveling on their annual journey to their wintering grounds. With plenty of large, mature bulls to choose from, and hungry grizzlies shadowing the caribou, it’s a hunt unlike anything Doug or Mark have ever experienced. When the hunt comes to a close, Steve prepares Chinese hot pot with caribou tenderloin.