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WILD COYOTE Hunt, Catch, Clean, and Cook!!! | Delicious Meat STIR FRY (ASMR Silent)
Making delicious meal out of nuisance, overabundant animal that often preys on pet cats and dogs. This coyote had a CAT IN IT’S MOUTH WHEN I SHOT IT! Eating coyote, thankfully, sounds worse than it is, and we make the most of what nature gives us, today it gives us coyote meat. My Gear (Shop and Support):


Remember, eating has no morality, and what we eat is a reflection of our culture, not what is “right, or wrong.” Finally, you shoot it, you eat it, simple as that!

I will show you how to cook the dog meat so it tastes good. Most people turn their noses up at certain foods due to cultural reasons, but eating does not have morality. All animals, people included, kill to survive.

We begin in search of a whitetail deer during the week long controlled deer gun hunt, but that turns out to be an exercise in frustration. What turns out into a predator hunt for coyote and eating dog meat. I will prepare the coyote meat in two different ways, first as a basic steak and second, in a stir fry with rice and broccoli topped with soy sauce.

To make coyote meat taste great, use the back straps and avoid the meat surrounding the scent glands found in the legs. Brine the meat in seasoning salt and water. Change the water out a few times and keep in the fridge in non-reactive container or plastic bag. Add your favorite dry rub, I prefer my own spice, Woodobo.


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