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The Song Dog Smack Down, an Ohio coyote hunting drive!

Coyotes are out of control in the state of Ohio, but the Amanda Township Volunteer Fire Department, southeast of Lancaster, does its best each year to stifle population growth in their area by staging a coyote hunt. These hunts are patterned after the fox hunts of the past, except no dogs are used and only shotguns with buckshot loads are permitted. If you’ve ever been on a coyote hunt, there’s a good chance you’ve never been on one like this!

Directed, Produced, Edited & Hosted by:
KC Allen

KC Allen
Jason Baker

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Ozzie’s Girl
Heart Of Gold
A Folkie In The Road
Almost Home
Brutal Endgame
Emotional Appeal
Lawyers In Love

Coyote Hunting, Calebs First Coyote Hunt

My son wanted to try and hunt coyotes so I bought him a call and decoy. The land owner has a huge problem with them killing her chickens. I sat with him on the ground at fence line and we were getting eaten up my mosquitoes so I went to the blind and he climbed on a bale of hay. Ten minutes later he gets his first coyote. It was about 175 yard shot and he was using the rifle for the first time. It was a Remington 700, .223 Enjoy!

2013 Coyote Control Specialists Episode#1, Close Up Coyote, Coyote Hunting, Three Down

Erik and Colby decided to go on a road trip in october to get the first three coyotes of the season on film. It started out slow, but on the second day they managed to call in 4 coyotes and get 3 on the ground. Be sure to check out our facebook page and thanks for watching!

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Extreme Close Range Archery POV Coyote Hunting – Solvid FIY

Close Range Archery Coyote Hunting wearing a CamStrap Universal Head Camera mount and inexpensive camcorder. More Film It Yourself videos and info at Shawn spots a coyote from the road, stalks and then calls it in to 7 yards in this 100% Film It Yourself Coyote Hunting Video.

The CamStrap universal head cam mount by Solvid FIY is the best and least expensive option to get Point Of View (POV) footage hunting footage there is. The mount allows you to use almost any camera, camcorder, action cam, or cell phone to get first person shooter action and makes available the standard features of today’s cameras and camcorders such as zoom, screen, quality audio, etc. Most hunters own some type of video recording device, and most with footage that is equivalent to popular action cams.


Spectacular Deer Hunting footage of multiple Bowhunting Coyote / Brush Wolf / Prairie Wolf Kill Shots with Lighted Nocks, from one awesome tree stand … Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com

The Original Videos Here:
October 18 2011

October 21 2011

October 26 2011

October 8 2013

Music by:
Tristan Tyrcha
the song is: “Path Of Zimmer”

Kevin MacLeod
the song is: “Impact Moderato”
Creative Commons licensed

UGLIEST Coyote Kill Shot Ever – Biggest Deer Predator Hunting Lighted Nock

OMG … I Didn’t even realize until just now that the doe and her fawn that the coyote was chasing before i sliced him … was watching me do it. (LOOK @ the upper left when the arrow is released)

October 8 2013 Lake County Illinois Wind S 5 – 15 mph. 43 degrees. Overcast Barometer 30.04 Rising. Waxing Crescent 14% of the Moon is Illuminated. Sunrise is @ 6:56am / set: 6:20pm.
2013 Self Filmed Coyote BowHunting Deer – Kill Shot Lighted Nock. Just as it started to get light enough to see images in the morning, I could make out a deer off to the East about 70 yards. As I put the binoculars on her, I could see it was a doe & a fawn looking @ me. It was still to dark for me to make out what doe it was but I figured it had to be 1 of the 4 residents does because she wasn’t blowing @ me. Within minutes movement caught my attention to the South of them about 80 yards. It was a mangy coyote. Unfortunately it was still to dark to get any quality footage of that yote chasing the deer around for a brief time. Finally the doe and her fawn ran to the North of me. The Coyote followed their path to within slicing distance … Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com

The Soybeans I use in Northeastern Illinois are:

Music by:
Tristan Tyrcha
the song is: “Path Of Zimmer”

Kevin MacLeod
the song is: “Impact Moderato”
Creative Commons licensed