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In this adventure Camera Man Dale and Lance travel to Casey County to take down old tree stands in the back woods of Kentucky and also hunt coyotes by attempting to use distress calls! Thanks again for watching, like and subscribe to our channel for your chance to win a $200 gift certificate from bgskincare and also you can book your clinic appointment at, register for classes at or check out our online courses from the link below and thanks again!

coyote season 2019

This is the beginning of Coyote season 2019 here in Maine. Actually the season never ends, but I usually don’t start till after deer season. The very beginning of the video is just to give a quick general Idea of how long I have to drive to get to a place to hunt. I apologize for the duration and I sped it up by 5x. I should have cut some travel time out and slowed it down a bit. I get to the dirt road after about an hour and twenty minutes of road time. It was a cool day and sunny early on but the clouds were coming in and it quickly turned overcast. I drove all the way to the end of the road because there were tire tracks in the snow. I needed to make sure if anyone was down there , I knew where they were. Come to find out, there were no other vehicles in there at that time. Coming to the end of the dirt road I did jump 3 deer. Of course I didn’t see any deer in there during deer season but now see deer. That is my luck. I turned around and headed back to a promising spot. I brought my electronic call and set it up about 80 yards away. Of course for some reason the call didn’t work. Come to find out the batteries in the speaker part ended up dying Luckily i did bring a hand held call. The only problem with that is now instead of drawing the focus of the sound away from me , now it would be directly at me. I do not like doing that. Coyotes are very smart animals and they will check out the sound down wind. Me being disabled, I do not have a lot of range to walk so I knew my chances were not good now. I did try calling a few times and sat for a few hours. I didn’t have any luck . So I ended up packing up around noon with my tail between my legs and grabbed my speaker and hit the road once again. I drove to the same exact spot I saw a coyote during deer season just a few weeks before. I had a lot longer range to see and I called a few times there and sat for a couple hours. I ended up not getting or even seeing a coyote that day. I was happy to see thee deer and to just be out in the woods. This was the first time I had been able to get into the woods since the last day of deer season which had ended nearly a month before. The snow is coming now so my outdoor footage will be cut down till I can get out again. Sooner or later I will have more coming. Thanks for watching.