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Coyote Hunting, 3 Coyotes: C.C. Season 2 E8 “Miss Smaller”

You ever have one of those hunts where things don’t quite work out the way you would have liked them to?? Well on this episode, that is just the way it is. On the first hunt, team member Lonny joins good friend Tim for a morning hunt proves to be an exciting one! Then we join Derek and Lonny for another hunt, in part 2. Although both of these hunts were successful, these are a couple hunts the boys soon don’t want to repeat!!

Atn xsight 2 -fails coyote hunting at night

You don’t always get em that’s for sure.Join me as i take my brothernlaw out for some redemption on a missed pair of coyotes he had an encounter with a week earlier.He ran the atn xsight 2 -5×20 scope and everything went wrong. He has got to go back to the range and try and get back on some dogs later in the year.One test shot in the fielda day later with the atn xsight 2 lets me know he has the coyote hunting fever….