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2018 Hunting Journal: Episode 5 – CO Elk (Part 5)

A recap of days 5 & 6 as well as some commentary about lessons learned, what we would do differently, etc….

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Elk Hunt Turns into Deer Chase

In this episode Garrett and I go Elk hunting. Unfortunately Oregon has not had rain in awhile so it was too difficult to chase down an elk in the noisy brush. We also could not get on any elk tracks that were fresh. In the process of trying to find elk we kept seeing deer. So we switched the hunt in the middle of the weekend hoping we could find a buck!
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Doing Just Fine by LAKEY INSPIRED
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Hooky with Sloane by Bird Creek
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I Stuck a Broadhead in My Leg! Elk Talk Podcast (Episode #9)

In Episode 9 of the Elk Talk Podcast, brought to you by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), Corey Jacobsen is joined by David Brinker, and they discuss their recent elk hunt for Rossevelt elk.

During this elk hunt, David was involved in a freak accident and ended up with a broadhead buried in his leg. Corey and David discuss the accident, and what they did to perform backcountry first-aid, as well as transport David the 3 miles out of the woods.

This is a great episode for all outdoorsmen to listen to, with many important reminders of why it’s so important to be prepared for the unexpected in the outdoors.

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Eastmans’ Elevated Episode 123: Elk Hunting Camp with Buddies Logan Summer and Dan Heavrin

In this episode of Eastmans’ Elevated Brian Barney sits down with two of his good buddies Dan Heavrin and Logan Summers. The guys talk over their elk hunting season thus far. They discuss hunting together and also talk about elk hunting earlier in the season. They talk about what they have learned and where they can get better as hunters. It is an authentic conversation between friends while at hunting camp.

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2018 ID Archery Hunt with Quinn

Back in Idaho backcountry hunting Elk & Deer with Quinn, a great friend who was the one over 20 years ago that introduced me to Archery Elk Hunting. I contacted Quinn back in December to see if I could join him on a hunt in 2018. We decided that the best way to enjoy being together was for me to bring the camera so that I wouldn’t be distracted by filling my own tag. A great time reconnecting with an old friend while participating in something we both love. Quinn & I share a passion for the outdoors and couldn’t be happier either with a bow or a camera watching wildlife.