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Ultimate Elk Season Hype | Bone Collector

In our opinion this could be the ultimate hype video for Elk Hunting!


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“The culture I stand for is sometimes lost into today’s society, when in fact society was built on the culture of The Hunter. A hunter is more than a predator; a hunter is a provider…a caretaker…a leader. I will never make excuses for who I am… It’s the way I was born… I’m a hunter… A Bone Collector!!!” Bone Collector began years ago in backwoods and backwaters of Booger Bottom, Georgia. No crowds, strip malls or concrete jungles there. Just a heck of a lot of places for a young kid to get dirty, get into trouble and grow up country – the kind of place where a boy can be a boy and not worry one bit about the fast pace of city life. Man, we need more places like that these days, huh?

Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector premiered in 2009, exclusively on Outdoor Channel, and promised to reinvent the outdoor television genre. Bone Collector documents – in high definition – the culture of the hunter; the brotherhood of sportsmen that have true passion for the game, the land, and the lifestyle. Hosts Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis “T-Bone” Turner take the Outdoor Channel viewer across the globe in the enthralling, always entertaining “warts and all” style that Outdoor Channel viewers have come to know and love. Michael Waddell is arguably the outdoor industry’s most popular personality. Bone Collector has the on-screen chemistry to take outdoor television to the next level.

The Physical Grind Of Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting

I’ve been hunting elk high in the Colorado Rockies for the past 16 years. I’m 16 years older than when I started. The mountains aren’t getting smaller or easier to climb either. Today, I show you one of the ways I try to prepare for the physically demanding day-to-day hunting that the Rocky Mountains provide. Grab your pack, a bunch of weights, and a your never-quit mindset and join me!

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