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What would it take to make you quit? What drives a person to keep trying year after year, season after season, defeat after defeat? For one of our own, success has been an elusive ghost.

Why do we hunt? Every year we harvest beautiful animals that feed our families and decorate our walls. These experiences have given us cherished memories that we share and re-share over campfires and gatherings. But for one of us—one who helped start all this—success has been elusive. He has taken deer and a few cow elk, but the bulls have escaped him time and time again. Ironically, it doesn’t slow him down. Never has. He has never let the failure to kill a bull get in the way of his idea of success. Year after year, hunt after hunt, he has hunted harder than guys half his age; and he has loved every minute of it.

But this year… At age 67 he has the chance to try again. This time in Utah, a state famed for the big bulls that roam the aspen basins and the scrub oak hillsides. Can we do it? Can our group pull together and help one of our fathers fulfill a life-long goal? Maybe. Or maybe not… One thing is certain. We will try. We will give it everything we have. And at the end of the day, whether a bull is down or not we will be successful. We’ve learned that from him. That’s the legacy he’s given us. Love what you do no matter the outcome. Work hard… really hard. Believe. And appreciate all that our Creator has done for us.

“Adaptation” Full Draw Film Tour 6 – Idaho Elk Hunt

Hunting is never easy. One thing that we have learned on the mountain is that the hunting circumstances can change in an instant. Whether it’s the animal, the elements, or human error, we have to be prepared to quickly adapt. Our typical style is being vocal, being aggressive, and putting on serious miles. After some close calls but no harvest, we changed things up. By adapting to the plays the elk gave us, we were able to harvest an elk using a different approach. The film Adaptation is our September story that shows “a season of changing tactics”.


Colorado Tines on a scouting trip in a limited Unit in Colorado.
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