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Airgun Hog Hunt: Would I do THAT Again?

This video was from an airgun hog hunt a few years back, that I never posted.

Jump to 2:08 to see the situation for which I asked the question “would I do it again”?

We were in Texas getting ready for a predator hunt, and we spotted a pig. I thought it was a decent size from what I could see through the brush and I took the shot. I was using my Sniper .357 which is generating about 85 fpe, and I reckoned a headshot would down the pig at 40 yards. I shot, he dropped, popped back up, and staggered away. On the move, he soaked up two more body shots and another headshot before dropping for good. As I walked up I realized clearly, just how big this boar was.

What I’ve always asked myself, is should I have taken the first shot? Once engaged, I had no choice but to keep going. For contrast I show a smaller pig I shot in the head with the same gun, same pellet, and at 20 yards further, that dropped dead on the spot.

This is where I set my personal guideline; if I’m shooting one of my sub 100 fpe rifles and have an opportunity for a pig, I’ll take it. However, if its further than 60 yards, if I can’t get a head shot, or if the pig looks larger that 80-90 lb, I’ll pass.

Everybody needs to set their own limits, providing it’s within legal boundaries. And even though it’s legal, using these less powerful rifles on big hogs, especially the tenacious big boars doesn’t sit right with me….. However, give me a 400 fpe rifle and I’m up for just about any hog that comes along! So the answer to the question in the title, no, after that learning experience I became more selective in taking the opportunistic shot, the hog had to be closer and smaller….. and head shots only.

Thermal Hog Hunting – Multiple Hogs Down with Flir PTS 233

Thermal Hog Hunting – Multiple Hogs Down with Flir PTS 233

This was a great hunt! These hogs came in down wind of me. I was surprised they didn’t bust me and take off. I for sure hit two hogs and possible the third hog, but was unable to make a recovery due to the overgrown grass and underbrush. I was shooting these hogs with my 300 blackout AR15 and was using the Flir Thermosight PTS 233. I was scanning with the Flir Breach to spot these hogs.

Thermal Hog Hunt – Flir PTS233

Thermal Hog Hunt – Flir PTS233

Successful night Of hog hunting with the Flir PTS233. I shot this lone boar hog. I originally spotted him with the Flir Breach about 250 yards out. He worked his way towards me and i shot this hog as he was about 60 yards away. The first shot shattered his offside shoulder and i was able to get some follow up shots in him and put him down quickly once he cleared the cows.

No coyotes were spotted at the end of this hunt unfortunately, but Whataburger was DELICIOUS!