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💥 SHOTS FIRED 💥 | Texas Wild Hog Hunting | Southern Ground Hunting

Parker’s back in Texas chasing wild hogs! This video starts off on a dog hunt and ends on a saddle hunt. Both days the guys get into pigs and some shots may have been fired!!!

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Longbow Hunting Florida Hogs At Night

Self filming at night is still a struggle I haven’t overcome. Up at the new house at least I’ll get tons of practice. We have a huge population of hogs running right through our property and I tell you what these things taste even better up here. Even though this film looks nice and bright for you guys I cant see a darn thing. My camera is filming in infrared and all I have is a little light attached to my bow. The hardest part of this hunt is being able to look at my camera screen and then looking back at the hog and waiting for my eyes to readjust after looking at the bright lcd. After the hogs spooked on me one dummy stayed behind. I had a hard time seeing him properly and plucked the shot hit very far forward. Luckily my broadhead opened him up like a can opener leaving a massive bloodtrail.

Texas Hog Hunt (Catch & Cook)

This week we headed to East Texas in search of some hogs during the dark of night, and for one last hunt on the last day of general deer season. After our weekend of Hunting we packed our stuff and headed back home where we then cooked up some amazing wild hog lettuce wraps! Definitely one for the cookbook!

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How to get “A Good Cut!” while Wild Boar Hunting with dogs and a Dutchman.

The most talked about of all the clips from the 50+ Hog Hunting films I’ve made over the past 20 years. Paul the Dutchman shows us how to get “A Good Cut!” while Wild Boar Hunting with dogs and a Dutchman. If you want to see more action packed Hog Hunting, Pig Hunting and Wild Boar Hunting clips, click this link for a free 7 day trial of my boar hunting site! –

Hog Hunt December 28, 2019

Hog signs EVERYWHERE but where are the Hogs? Early rain washed away the scent so the dogs were coming up short. Except for……
10:31 First hog – let’s get wet
16:20 Second hog – high and dry
19:45 Knee problems deep in the woods
23:02 It was a big hog

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100 Best Feral Hogs Down Action Using Thermal of 2019!

100 Best Thermal and Night Vision Hog Drops and Hogs Down Action of 2019! Thermal scopes featured: Pulsar Trail XP50, Pulsar Thermion XP50, Pulsar Thermion XM38, NVision Halo, NVision Halo LR, and Sightmark Wraith HD. The best thermal and night vision hog hunting videos of 2019! Thank you for subscribing and following along all year long… _________________________________________________
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**** Why Hunt Hogs? ****

My journey into wild/feral hog hunting started like many others living in rural communities. I didn’t start hog hunting for fun or sport… I did it because I had to. My father-in-law started me on this path several years ago when he asked me to help out with a problem. You see, hogs cause millions of dollars of damage and destruction each year in rural communities and our situation was no different. Hogs were destroying our land, our family’s land, and the land our family tree farming business. The vast majority of hunting videos that you see on this channel are hogs, boars and sows, taken from family land… this problem is personal for me. We have had hogs come as close as 20 feet from my front door, and having 2 small children at home and knowing how aggressive and dangerous hogs can be, getting rid of the problem was a safety concern. This is why when people ask how I got into hog hunting… my answer is always “I didn’t get into it because I wanted to, I started doing it because I had to!”. It’s a personal fight and struggle…
**** Why Hunt Coyotes and Predators? ****

Coyotes and Predators, similar to hogs, cause financial stress for many families in rural communities. Coyotes kill livestock, plain and simple. Ranchers have battled coyotes killing cattle since the early days of ranching and it costs them dearly. Cattle ranching is a business, the cows aren’t pets, every time they lose a calf to a coyote those families lose a paycheck. Cattle ranchers hate coyotes just as much as Farmers hate hogs! I hunt coyotes to protect the livelihood of my friends and neighbors that depend on their cattle business to feed their family…
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Next week it’s back to more Thermal Hog Hunting right here in East Texas with the Pulsar Trail XP50 and coming soon is my full review of the Pulsar Axion XM30. Thank y’all for watching!