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Streak of bad luck when Hog Hunting

Ronny is on his own on this early June night – it is hot and humid and a streak of bad luck is turning this Thermal Hog Hunt into a frustrating experience.

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Feral Hog Math: 1+1=12, 6+6=72, 36+36=232
Gestation period: 115 days
Females can have their first litter as young as 6 month old.
One sow with litter can turn into over 70 hogs in only 9 months. Add 9 months for every generation after that. You’re looking at over 200 hogs after only 18 months.

Wild Hogs cause an annual damage of estimated $2 Billion. That is damage to equipment, live stock, land, as well as crop. This estimate also includes the cost for efforts controlling this invasive species.

Feral hogs compete directly with livestock as well as game and non-game wildlife species for food. However, the main damage caused to livestock and wildlife is indirect destruction of habitat and agriculture commodities. Rooting and trampling activity for food can damage agricultural crops, fields, and livestock feeding and watering facilities. Often wildlife feeders are damaged or destroyed. They also destabilize wetland areas, springs, creeks and tanks by excessive rooting and wallowing. In addition to habitat destruction and alteration, hogs can destroy forestry plantings and damage trees. While not active predators, wild hogs may prey on fawns, young lambs, and kid goats. If the opportunity arises, they may also destroy and consume eggs of ground nesting birds, such as turkeys and quail. More information about the Feral Hog problem in the state of Texas can be found here:


“JAGD” (ja:kt) is German for Hunt/Hunting. Ronny was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US in his late 20s. He has always been an avid outdoorsman and almost immediately started hunting after moving to the USA. Hunting wasn’t as accessible in Germany, so he enjoyed and embraced the freedom given in America. He partnered up with Micah when they both discovered that they shared the same passion for night vision and thermal vision hog hunting in Texas. Together they patrol private ranches, farmland and corporate properties around Austin TX and keep the local feral hog population at bay as much as they can.

They aim to kill fast, but feral hog control is a numbers game and they will take any shot which can be safely placed. Their highest priority is safety, and their shots are limited by population/residential homes in rural areas as well as livestock. That’s why you won’t see them going rapid-fire. They will err on the side of caution instead of taking that one shot they would regret.

Their equipment and means to control Wild Hogs primarily consists of semi-auto rifles equipped with the newest Thermal Vision and Night Vision Optics. These Thermal Scopes allow them to quickly detect and recognize feral hogs at distances up to 1,000 yards. Suppressed AR platform rifles are their preference but there are many other very capable semi-automatic rifles, which will be utilized as well. Silencers are essential to the team’s efforts because it reduces the noise level significantly and won’t alert people living in surrounding areas so that TXJ’s activities won’t become a nuisance. Local Texas farmers are grateful for the free crop protection services as it saves them money.
Ronny and Micah enjoy what they do and take pride in this work.


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Dennis & Don Hunts Part 4 : Independence Ranch Chronicles

After a year away from hunting it was time to get back and give you part four of our series ! Once again we take our adventure back to Independence Ranch to give you a more in depth look on our hog hunting trip. Each boar killed is picked up , skinned , and taken in for meat or given away to charity. Nothing is ever wasted on our hunt ! Want to thank all of Independence Ranch staff for always showing us a good time. Please stay tuned I will be making more videos. (please excuse the typo towards the end of the video)

HOG hunting with I Hunt Outfitters!!!(CATCH CLEAN COOK)

My buddy Brad at took me and Wes hog hunting. We went out about 9:00 and finished about 4:30. It was a long fun night we called in a coyote and shot 7 hogs. I cut the backstraps out of one and made what we call Carnitas. Check it out and let us know what you think! THANKS FOR WATCHING!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! BIG GIVEAWAY COMING UP FOR A 2 DAY HOG AND VARMINT HUNT WITH TEXAS BRED!!!

Ep. #58 | Should You Need A License To Hunt Hogs?? Pulsar Thermion/Trail Thermal News

Should hunters be required to buy a hunting license to kill wild hogs? That’s a question the Texas legislature recently considered and passed a new law concerning. Listen as Hans and Jason weigh in with their opinions on this subject. Jason also gives an update on the Pulsar Thermion shipments and the future of the Pulsar Trail thermal riflescopes.
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Our journey into wild/feral hog hunting started like many others living in rural communities. We didn’t start hog hunting for fun or sport… we did it because we had to. You see, hogs cause millions of dollars of damage and destruction each year in rural communities and our situation was no different. Hogs were destroying our land and that our of friends and family. The vast majority of hunting stories that you hear about on this channel are hogs, boars and sows, taken from family land… this problem is personal for us…
**** Why Hunt Coyotes and Predators? ****

Coyotes and Predators, similar to hogs, cause financial stress for many families in rural communities. Coyotes kill livestock, plain and simple. Ranchers have battled coyotes killing cattle since the early days of ranching and it costs them dearly. Cattle ranching is a business, the cows aren’t pets, every time they lose a calf to a coyote those families lose a paycheck. Cattle ranchers hate coyotes just as much as Farmers hate hogs! We hunt coyotes to protect the livelihood of our friends and neighbors that depend on their cattle business to feed their family…
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Hogs in the Oat Field – 6.5 Grendel Thermal Hog Hunt

Tough hunt in the oats with just one recovery. It can be difficult to locate downed hogs in the dark when the vegetation is more than twice as tall as the downed hog.

Received confirmation from my landowner that the #3 hog was found with the help of buzzards and was huge.

Thanks to Third Coast Thermal for the optics, Tactical Brass Recovery for the brass catcher, and Dracos Barrels for the Straightjacket barrel.

Hog Hunting with Manny Puig!! Part 2

Another amazing day with the legend himself, Manny Puig. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with this guy!

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300 WIN MAG Splits Ground Hog In Half!!

Join me as i spot a groundhog hog behind the house here in western NY. I hope everyone enjoys the video and be sure to like and subscribe for more hunting adventures coming soon!

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