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Sound on!!! My friend and I were blessed with a great hunt on public land. We found ourselves in the middle of a large group of pigs near a deep creek system. A large boar screamed and bluff charged us and got within about 12-13 yards… then I was able to connect on a perfect sized sow. It took a bit to find her as she ran off of a cliff and down deep into the creek system that was 20+ feet deep at the bottom at some points. She yielded some beautiful meat that we enjoyed. I am so thankful that God gave me an obsession with the flight of an arrow. #archery #hunting #bowhunting #publicland


HELICOPTER HOG HUNTING with the DIRT ROAD OUTDOORS TV CREW. The guys are in Texas hunting hog’s fro a helicopter.Dirt Road Outdoors TV host Jason Irish along with good friends Rick Carpo SR
and Rick Carpo JR are hunting at SKY HUNTERS OUTFITTERS in Honey Grove, Texas. The guy’s shoot 34 hogs and 4 coyotes.

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Wild Hog Adventures Episode 2

Central Florida’s #1 wild hog fair chase hunt…..We offer guided wild hog fair chase hunting with dogs. We also offer hunts where you can bring your dogs (hunting dogs). We are not a high fence property. We are open range wild Florida. Located in Kissimmee, FL close to all the parks central Florida has to offer. If here on vacation or just a local, this is your opportunity to have by far one of the most exciting and extreme adventures ever.

Hunts are available every day of the week! Book yours today @ $100 a head to come out and hunt with us! Group rates are available!

Boar hunting with dogs and a .357 in Cape York Australia

A few New Zealanders take the leap and head to Cape York in Australia to hunt Wild Australian Boars. You’ll get a look at Al Roger’s safari style “Saratoga Fishing and Hunting Adventures” set up and track down a few angry wild boars.
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Friday the 13th Texas Hog Hunt with Thermals and NODS

This night was a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly….. I’ve used clip-on thermals many times in the past with very little POI change, you can make adjustments for this but Friday night it was obvious the POI was way off! My luck took a turn for the better and the pig came back! I closed the gap as much as I could and compensated for the POI shift, and I was able to put him down.

The AR10 is now equipped with the Pulsar Thermion XP50 for night hunts. Pulsar accolade XP50 LRF and ROVIR 640 thermal mounted on the rooftop. 600lb Monolith feeder

Hog Charging

So, funny story.

Needed some woods time.

Went to my usual hog hunting area out here in NE Texas.

We drove around and didn’t see any signs. It was 7ish in the evening so still sunlight. 98 degrees and crazy humidity.

I decided to walk into an area where packs usually emerge from.

Walked in 40 yards and stopped to stand and listen for a few. Walked in another 40-50 and stopped again.
While I was standing there a medium sized boar charged me and suddenly stopped. We couldn’t see each other clearly. I didn’t want to move my feet in the leaves and he was at my 5 o’clock. My ATN was turned down to 5x but that wasn’t low enough.

It was hard to find him in the scope because he was less than 20 yards away.
I finally while searching spotted his feet raised up and shot. I heard him take the 300BO thud and run off. I ran right at him. Right into a 5 wire barbed wire fence. Now I see why he stopped and didn’t get closer.
By the time I found a spot to get over he was gone into the thicket.

I was soaked from sweat and let the critters have that one.

But I got my adrenaline fix.