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On Veterans Day it is so easy to get caught up in just having a day off. I would like to take this day and go a little deeper into it’s true meaning. To take time to honor our Veterans. I spent some time with some amazing veterans this fall during hunting season and it was truly awesome.

You have seen me post videos with Operation ReBoot OutDoors before and I am truly honored to be able to work with them again. They asked if I would go along for a moose hunt. I had never been moose hunting before, but I truly understand and respect the tradition. You all know how much I love the state of Maine and this tradition definitely brought me true essence of Maine. It wasn’t just about tagging a moose, as you will see in the video, it was about being together in nature and being on a true Maine adventure in the deep Maine woods.

This hunt was veteran Matt Hunter’s first moose hunt and Operation ReBoot did not let him down. Matt served in Afghanistan where he was shot in the line of duty. He really went above and beyond to serve our country and I have so much respect for him.I really wanted to be able to capture the true meaning of this trip for him to look back on. It was amazing to be able to see the correlation between the men they were from their war stories and the men they are now, as they trudged through the woods together. They are good guys who have sacrificed so much of themselves for our country.

This video is not your typical moose hunt video (it is not gruesome). I wanted to spend more time reflecting on Operation ReBoot’s mission, and on the emotions that came out of the whole experience. I have to say this video has meant a lot to me.

Operation ReBoot OutDoor’s mission is solid and so is their character. Help me spread the word about all they are doing to help our veterans get out and discover something awesome.

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A Huge Thank you to all Veterans for all your service and sacrifice.
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Chena River Alaska Moose hunt Hunting beyond the Chena Hot Springs The Chena River Moose Hunt was a Blast Did it solo from start to end floated the river several times before finding my chosen locations Moose hunting is a tough go alone but definitely worth the effort good years and bad years(well never bad years, just years you don’t get one) Even on the years with no moose for the freezer I always get to see lots of moose an have some amazing encounters 3 years before this one I had a cow and calf run down the ridge right at me and I had to jump up to scare them, so I didn’t get trampled. Alaska moose hunting Near Fairbanks alaska there are better spots then where I got this but I had a goal to take one from this area this bull was about 47 inches and a blessing for the first day Make sure to hunt Lots of work and lots of distance to cover for one man but I did it again!

And yes I intentionally left out the commas and periods just to make it a challenge for you to read :) Best of luck on your next alaska moose hunt

Drifting the chena river sitting in a stand walking around or driving the road may you have success not in just the kill but in a good time moose or not BEST OF LUCK!
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Moose Hunt 2019 EP1

Moose Hunting Season again! This trip was from September 19 – 28th.

Started the trip off behind schedule by an hour, had to pick up my buddy before we hit the main highways, 2:00am arrival, 3 hours of sleep, setting up the blinds, putting out scent, big steak dinner and prep for hunting tomorrow.