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2013 spring turkey hunt

i headed down to Hocking Co in ohio this weekend to a friends house for a spring turkey hunt. saturday we heard birds all around but nothing would come into the decoys. seemed like something was spooking them. we even tried to do a little run and gun without any success. sunday we only put out a single decoy and the first bird we saw all day made a B-line to it and his buddy followed.

Tennessee Turkey Hunting Opening Day “Doubled Up!”

Tennessee Turkey Hunting Opening Day “Doubled Up!”
Haston Farms brings us in close on opening weekend turkey season 2013. March 30th was the first warm day this spring and the thunder chickens were fired up! Walked in the woods at 6am with the first gobble at 6:05, we posted up with a duo of hen decoys along-side a lone jake. Turkey calls consisted of a H.S. Strut Ring Zone slate call and a Legends Outdoors Strictly Dirty mouth call. The men were carrying a Mossberg 935 with hevi shot magnum blend and a Remington 870 with hevi shot 6’s, both 3.5 inch well equipped for getting the job done.

Haston Farms is a Century Farm well versed in agricultural production for over 100 years, with a concentration in beef cattle production. Due to the management of Haston Farms many species of wildlife thrive and are seen to be abundant. Special thanks to Haston Farms for the unique opportunity of our opening day harvest.

Spring Turkey Hunt 2012 – Johns Double Bearded Gobbler

Spring Gobbler Hunting 2012. John Royer kills a huge double bearded spring gobber during the 4th week of the season. John and cameraman Hunter Ruby have been after this bird for 2 weeks before they finally got a chance at this eliusive gobbler. John and Hunter decided to bring out the pretty boy and pretty girl decoys on this hunt but its almost ruined when Johns gun doesnt go at first when the bird comes into range. It all works out in the end when John crushed the head of the big gobbler with at 35 yards using a 3″ shell loaded with ITX Tukery Truama #6 shot. Hunt took place in Clarion county Pennsylvania.